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    Disappointing table.

    I think this table is really bland, boring to play and the design is really ugly. Is just me? I'm blown away by Adamn's Family, T2 and White Water for example, so it's difficult for me to put Cyclone in the same package.
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    The Addams family on PS4.

    Hi there. "The Adams Family" and the other three new tables for Season 4 are not yet available in Canada. They were supposed to come out today?
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    Ghostbusters Table is a Bad Omen

    I played for a few hours to the GB table in my iPhone and there's no way I'm going to pay a penny to play more having all those amazing classic tables available. It is simply not as good.
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    Best option with each new ball.

    Interesting. I was choosing the lock ball option at the beginning of every new ball and get to the Borg MB is relatively easy this way.
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    Best option with each new ball.

    Hi there. If the final objective is to make as many points as possible, what's technically the best option to choose when using the plunger at the beginning of each ball? Start Mission, so we can reach Final Frontier mode as son as possible?
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    Tournament starting March 6, 2015

    The initial end day for the tournament was March 11th, seven days tournament as usual. Now the end date is March 13th, so yeah, they extended two days because of the scoring glitch.
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    I absolutely love this table.

    The mood, the music, the way the bonuses are designed... It's so addictive I barely played any other table for a while. I'm lucky because one block from my workplace there's a bar with the real Dracula table and is as fun as the video game, more difficult obviously, no way to nudge with a finger...
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    Nudge options.

    Cool, I feel the nudge better this way. But, what the touch scheme changes? I was using scheme A and E feels the same. Thanks.
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    Nudge options.

    Hi there. I find really frustrating to nudge in the iPhone version, specially if you are used to the PS4 vesion. Which nudge option do you find more useful? For me is impossible to match my PS4 scores in my iPhone because of the nudge difference. Cheers.
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    Tournament starting March 6, 2015

    Yeah, it's working for me too. The awesome scores I did days ago are back...:) Thanks Farsight.

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