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    The Pinball Show

    played a ton of pinball fx2 VR and it looks like they used eh same room environments2 as a template and are adding trophy collectibles. all i ever heard from the vr community is less flash and more zen is doing the opposite...great :) since they left the vr version of fx2 stagnating...
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    Williams Pinball Volume 6

    the reality with zen is they never return to existing tables unless its a bug that either 1. affects leader boards 2. bugs that crash or cause some other major detriment to the game. bad sound sound emulation my fall under 2 but i wouldn't hold my breath they never go back and update...
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    Stern Pinball - Avengers: Infinity Quest

    Looks fantastic, Sterns had some really spectacular tables come out the last couple years.
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    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

    Honestly I'd love to see Zen do a couple tables like Funhouse, Earthshaker, Taxi with a new DMD mode in the Enhanced display mode with the sim physics..They have so much experience creating new dmd's for their other pinball tables, I think it would be great to see what they could do to enhance...
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    Williams Classic Arcade flipper physics and ball weight and physics

    Give the simulation leaderboards a year..then lock em at end of season and on new years is your window to make changes for the next years leaderboards
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    Your evaluation of Zen Williams Pinball year 1

    Zens done fantastic work updating their physics for a more simulation experience, specially the last pack with the flipper deflection etc. As well I absolutely love the updated toys and features on the table while playing with real world physics..its the best of both worlds. That said I've...
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    Thoughts on views (angles)

    yep i was just messing around to try and fix it. definately view 8 is the best for single monitor portrait but its squished. what i found was with dual monitor you can run in window and stretch the window outside of frame of portrait monitor to get a better view Heres screenshots..its a pain...
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    Zen Pinball FX3 Williams Pinball Volume One

    This is simply fantastic news. I really didn't see this coming. Zen has been really slow to add tables to PinballFX VR but at least they are adding some. If these end up being added at some point it would be a dream come true. About nudging Zen's analog nudging is fantastic i wonder if theres a...
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    Any Hope for community VR mod? For TPA? Help us NoEX your our only hope!

    IF VPX got proper VR support that would be amazing. Positional Tracking is a must what elevates the experience above what you can do with a Video Pinball Cab personally. Tho if you could have a Video Pinball Cab + kinect positional tracking + 3d glasses that worked in portrait
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    Any Hope for community VR mod? For TPA? Help us NoEX your our only hope!

    I must say the news that TPA is losing all the Bally/Williams licensed tables is pretty much the death knell to ever getting official support of VR for TPA. Its been so frustrating that one of the first programs to get a vr mod for it was TPA when the rift was precommercial release but there's...
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    Comment by 'Robert Misner' in article 'Cabinet Mode for TPA via Arcooda Software'

    the video of the full backglass support, is that only part of the 500dollar package or will the animated backglasses work with the 150 version?
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    Pinball FX2 is out on Gear VR

    Pinball FX2 VR for the Vive is incredible , I'm glad to hear they've done a good job translating to GearVR. Its true tho, their fantasy tables are just so wonderful when fully realized in VR. Currently the best ones are The Walking Dead, Castle Storm, WildWest Rampage, and Epic Quest. I really...
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    Pinball FX2 VR for Oculus Rift

    LOL like your rhetoric isn't just YOUR opinion? LOL common seriously you just said that? Forbes blog posts aren't the paying attention I was talking about, it barely discusses anything thats happening in the VR landscape and it miss quoted the ammount, tho thats hardly the point. You can't just...
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    Pinball FX2 VR for Oculus Rift

    Pinball FX2 VR is out for Vive...plays fantastic, noticed they fixed the moire pattern effect on the DMD as well. Great news, Zaccaria's VR is really good. Shooting the Rapids 2016 is a fantastic modern retake on Shooting the Rapids. I'd say its much inline with an early 90's Table( with dmd...
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    Pinball FX2 VR for Oculus Rift

    fantastic news, leaves farsight as the only major retail pinball dev not on the vive(big surprise) Can't wait.
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    Zaccaria with VR support is released and the VIVE roomscale is incredible

    Considering just how little replay ability there is in most Vr titles that have about 2 to 3 hrs of content for 30bucks I would think Pinball with 38 tables whould be a steal and should give potential for hundreds of hours of enjoyment. I think people just like free things to much. steam down...
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    Zaccaria with VR support is released and the VIVE roomscale is incredible

    really that's not alot for upgrading 38 tables to VR least its not 5 to 10 bucks per table :)
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    Zaccaria with VR support is released and the VIVE roomscale is incredible

    Fantastic news! How much is the DLC? I found that with FuturePinball and BamVR super sampling made a huge difference for clarity. guess i know what i'll be doing tonight :)
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    Modern pinball tables and VR Support are coming!

    Its interesting there any vive exclusive titles? everything on steam that works on vive works on occulus..the only issue i've seen is if the game is designed for room scale and motion controls which you'll be able to add in dec via the touch update. unless its a side effect of the "FooK...
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    Update #22 PC

    not quite sure what that means. Does "support" added mean the core engine hooks are live? but a separate dlc to enable everything is awaiting approval? little confusing what that means honestly.

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