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  1. Zacattack99

    Comment by 'Zacattack99' in article 'Pinball FX console launch is confirmed for February 16th 2023'

    Zen also mentioned via Reddit the following: - Legacy, and Licensed Legacy tables will be available in larger bundles. - Sky Pirates, Pinball Noir, and Curse of the Mummy will be part of a 3 pack called “Secrets And Shadows”, - Garfield Pinball is slated for release - Marvel Pinball is also...
  2. Zacattack99

    My Hot Take on the new monetization (It's gotten Worse)

    please elaborate. (edit) if you were wondering how I did the math, here you go: (45 x 7 + 100 + 60) x (.23 +.10) - (45 x 7 + 100 + 60) rounded up, then subtracted by (45 x 7 + 100 + 60) I did run the numbers by adding the totals first, then applying the discounts seperately instead of...
  3. Zacattack99

    My Hot Take on the new monetization (It's gotten Worse)

    They still have purchaseable tickets, it's as of before the Jan. 26th 2023 edition of Pinball Show there used only for Pinball Pass, with the additional woes being that THAT's cross-platform, but the tables you now need to spend with real money will not.
  4. Zacattack99

    My Hot Take on the new monetization (It's gotten Worse)

    Mel did mention offering tickets/Pinball coins as rewards for gameplay, like in-game events and from what I can assume Pinball Royale. Another advantage they brought up was self-curation, namely being able to say, just buy Theater Of Magic, Attack from Mars, and Medieval Madness without having...
  5. Zacattack99

    My Hot Take on the new monetization (It's gotten Worse)

    I know I haven been here since the WMS-TPA purge of 2018, and spent the course of the last 5 years becoming a moderator for a VOCALOID-rhythm game forum, but now I'm back. Yes I'm one of those people that bought in to the tickets system, but my beef with the change back isn't because of...
  6. Zacattack99

    Williams and Bally are overrated

    Did you ever wonder about those Gottlieb EMs or something like Baffle Ball?
  7. Zacattack99

    Williams and Bally are overrated

    Thinking about the current situation, the time it took to realize this and looking at Williams and Bally’s time in the industry compared to Gottlieb and Stern, I came to this realization: despite being legendary and cherished, the number of tables being omitted really says that the two brands...
  8. Zacattack99

    WMS table preservation KickStarter

    One Idea I had going around was to have a KickStarter campaign to insure those 61 Williams and Bally machines will not leave. My question is will you pledge to keep those 61 tables intact? If so, how much?
  9. Zacattack99

    Williams/Bally omission post-mortem. My Picks revised.

    Like I said about the end of Season 7, don’t loose hope. I don’t have that much to say outside of “hope”. It’s not like they discontinued the game itself or something, let’s try to cope with another 60 from the other 3. I re-did this poll so the last poll’s results won’t count.
  10. Zacattack99

    Initial Thoughts on PBA for Switch

    In my eyes it’s the better version of TPA given the convienience of Switch and the lighting effects handling up quite well. At least till it returns to the Nintendo eShop again.
  11. Zacattack99

    It’s the end of seasons on the pinball arcade

    It isn’t the end of the road for table DLC, I can take it on a quarterly basis for all I care! Here’s something to pass the time...
  12. Zacattack99

    Season 7 post-mortem: my picks.

    It’s dissapointing to hear that monthly releases are ending. Although that is saddening; I think it’s clear that isn’t the end of DLC in general. I compiled my picks for new releases, and boiled it down to 30! (For better or worse depending on your tastes.) I’ll be going down in no order, it...
  13. Zacattack99

    Nintendo Switch Version!

    I think it was request to them via Facebook Message months ago that got them to consider, I’m just Spitballin here!
  14. Zacattack99

    Nintendo Switch version

    On update version 1.2, only thing interesting is Main Menu > Help & Options > Settings > TATE/Portrait Mode. It only flickers back to Landscape Mode, so it’s reduntantly useless...
  15. Zacattack99

    SPA Switch touch screen support

    I am not getting anything regarding Portrait Mode and touch controls, but I see LEs and LEaderboards.
  16. Zacattack99

    Nintendo Switch version

    If I told Peter Oscars that PC but NX is the best way to say TPA, then he’d say “Meds seriously won’t help you anymore lol.” (Hey, 2015 was a rocky road on Facebook.) If Mike Smith (If he’s still a nuisance on Facebook today...) says that TPA on Nintendo Switch will be and is ‘hot garbage’ then...
  17. Zacattack99

    Looking Back: So much for the Wii's "Greatness" by DokkenRokken

    I am anxious for Sonic Mania next week, why not it's the better version considering you can play it anywhere, while PC is a modding goldmine (which is interesting in a good way.)
  18. Zacattack99

    Table Pack #65 Speculation

    Let's wait and see how this turns out and see what alteration(s) they made. I wonder if there's a modding community for removing those alterations.
  19. Zacattack99

    Table pack #66 speculation thread

    I was guessing Bally King Tut & Stern Dracula cause it's that ol' tradition of Halloween themes.
  20. Zacattack99

    The Random Thought Thread

    Had a crazy dream involving a High School Marching Christmas concert and I was forced to fill in for a musician while having little to no experience on a horn of some type. Now coming to think about it, now I'm thinking "Pink Elephants on Parade" from Dumbo

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