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    Indy... was there ever a chance?

    I don't get it. It's a chance for them to make more money, like, why not?! They think their product is too good for digital?
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    (IOS) Fire button?

    I'm on the Kindle and fire button doesn't work either
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    Can we buy the Stern tables separately?

    They only have the option to buy a pack and not individually. Hopefully, they can fix this
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    Can we buy the Stern tables separately?

    I really only want to get the ACDC, Star Trek and Mustang tables. I already own the rest.
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    Official Announcement.

    Too expensive to renew?
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    Stern Arcade app?

    Any plans for Stern pinball to be available for the Kindle in the near future?
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    Table Pack #70 Speculation

    Huzzah for Sorceror
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    Pistol Poker - First Impressions

    I didn't much like it the first time when it was called The Black Knight
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    Farsights space cadet pinball

    Why are the going with an original route this year? why not try to go for something pinball fans really want, like The Simpsons?
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    Still hasn't updated yet

    Cactus Jack's
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    Still hasn't updated yet

    This is really unacceptable. Come on guys. I would really like to play Swords of Fury in the not too distant future
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    Still hasn't updated yet

    So, the newest update has yet to go through, and still no new Doctor Who. I'm kind of really getting upset that it seems like the updates are a month behind. Seriously, what gives?!
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    Al's Garage Band World Tour

    How are you playing it? The update hasn't come through for me...yet again
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    Still hasn't updated yet

    still nothing over here. any word about the Stern app?
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    Still hasn't updated yet

    Any word on when Gladiators, the new Doctor Who, and the Stern app will be available?
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    Amazon Patch 2.01.2 Release @ 8/30 2:00 pm PST

    Yeah, the update hasn't gone through yet. You guys are terrible. Before the new overhaul you just had to implement, all the new updates ran smoothly, and now, it's terrible. I guess you guys don't believe in the expression, if it isn't broke, don't fix it. Should have just left it alone
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    Table Pack #55 Speculation (October)

    Throw in my support for TFTC
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    Still hasn't updated yet

    New update did the trick. Thank you

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