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    Pro Menu upgrades for TPA - Xbox 360

    So there are developer patches for 360 games that get delivered from Microsoft, and there are DLC add-ons that are optional. Are you saying that the access to pro menus was a developer patch, that unlocked pro menu on all the tables you owned that could have one? Or was it delivered as part of...
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    Pro Menu upgrades for TPA - Xbox 360

    Thanks so much for coming back on this. The reason I even asked is because the Wikipedia page for TPA shows pro menu upgrades in the 360 column of its cross-platform table guide: Is that defo fake news then? If so I might edit it out!
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    Pro Menu upgrades for TPA - Xbox 360

    steps into the silent message board… Hi all, if anyone sees this… I’m trying to find out how the ‘Pro Menu’ updates were delivered to Xbox 360 users, all those years ago. According to the Wikipedia page on TPA, a number of the tables received these updates on 360 as well as other platforms...

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