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    Need help with the 4 way combo shot.

    Which bit? Before I figured it out, I was always looking for a 'combo hole', and I couldn't find one, which drove me crazy. There is no hole / sensor / anything. It's just where the ball has to roll after a right ramp shot in order to get to the top-right flipper for a camera shot. If you can...
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    Need help with the 4 way combo shot.

    The easiest way I found was left ramp -> right spiral at medium speed (by not making a clean shot) -> hold top-left flipper to dead pass through combo hole -> top-right flipper to camera.
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    Shuttle Simulation makes me want to pull my hair out...

    I agree -- until you get proficient at the simulation, at which point (with no crashes unless you're drunk and/or tired) it's just giving away points to go on the best route.
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    Shuttle Simulation makes me want to pull my hair out...

    If you have the LLRRLLRLLL, I'd say it's just a matter of practice. After most intersections you move to the middle, and for at least one intersection you have to move twice across the tunnel in quick succession to make the next turn. Try and practice it directly: three right ramps will light...
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    ST:TNG Tactics and Strategies

    Most of how I go about it is in the first part of the thread, but the short version: I go for start mission whenever lit, from either flipper. Other than that, from the left flipper I tend to go right ramp unless shuttle simulation or hurry up is lit, and from the right flipper I go for left...
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    Exactly how are TPA tables easier than the real thing?

    Kick outs are far slower and more predictable on TPA. For example, on TZ on TPA, the ball comes out of the fruit machine at quite a sedate speed, allowing you to dead pass it over to the left flipper 100% of the time. On a real TZ table, well... check out a youtube video of its play. The ball...
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    Angry Pinball Nerd

    Oh man. This, this, this. And: purposely draining the ball to get the ball saver, but just missing the ball saver timer and ending the ball instead.
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    Wesley Crusher.

    He ought to be featured. e.g. For a lock, Picard (annoyed): "Wesley, give that back at once." Or an alternative for 'thank you Mr Data', Wesley: "Captain, you didn't score anything on that missi—" Picard: "Thank you Wesley."
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    android + iOS + PS3 leaderboards

    Interesting thread. Given the number of times I've drained on my iPod touch because of game lag (why do email notifications only come in when the ball is rolling down an inlane?) / nudge touch not registering / finger missing flipper /etc, I assumed (maybe wrongly) that console players had the...
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    A VERY dangerous thread!

    Here's my one request: Please, please, please dedicate some additional resource to acknowledging and fixing gameplay issues / bugs on released tables that have been identified and reported by the community. It's the extremely frustrating last 2% for a game that is 98% fantastic. As one...
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    Outside of tournaments, are leader boards that important to you?

    I got caught up in them for a while for a couple of tables, and noticed myself not valuing my games unless I could get into the top 10. I've taken a short break from playing, and it's helped a lot. I hope to go back and enjoy the tables as-is!
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    Whats your gaming set up?

    An iPod touch 4th gen in landscape mode -- landscape because then my thumbs don't obscure the gameplay area. I dream of larger screens... :)
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    Best TPA tables up until now

    I'll just put my top three if I may: 1. ST:TNG, because it 'feels' the closest to the real table of all the TPA tables. And it's fun, a good challenge, and doesn't take as long as some games to get a high score. 2. TZ, because... well, it's TZ. (Even though it's too easy on TPA. I feel ashamed...
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    What a challenge!

    There should be a forum for great pinball stories like this. :) I had a great fail story a few weeks back, where I was so panicked about getting a Final Frontier, that from choosing start mission (Q's challenge, the last one I had before FF) at the start of a ball, I tried to trap the ball, only...
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    Where's the tournament?

    I'm in the 'too many tables' camp. Should be 3 or 4 to be fun IMO.
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    Costly lesson learned

    Many things would be better if we could bypass iTunes! But I digress...
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    ST:TNG Tactics and Strategies

    Is a video of benefit to anyone, or are written tactics enough? I recorded a decent scoring game example, but the video quality is not amazing, and I'd only spend more time on it if someone was interested! [Edit: let me put my ego back in check about showing off my 1337 sklz. I may end up...
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    ST:TNG Tactics and Strategies

    I've thought about choosing lock as well. However, the only time I end up actually choosing it is on the last ball of a huge game, when a multiball is worth 1B+, and I know I'm not going to reach another Final Frontier without a miracle. So I choose it when I want to bump my score up a bit at...

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