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    Has the Mac been forgotten?

    I suppose the Mac App Store version is actually dead? No more updates since 10 months ago – and just taking a look at the game today after more than a year of a break, nothing seems to have changed in the meantime. Feeling bummed, all of my tables are there and there's apparently no way to...
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    How to purchase Season 3 Pass?

    Apple need to decide what they allow and don't allow. The rules seem to change on the fly, it's ridiculous. I hope this will be sorted out somehow, I was actually considering to get the Season Pass for season 3, and now I can't...
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    Steam- Mac Version

    What does this mean for existing Mac TPA players? Will the enhancements be Steam-only? I most definitely do not want to buy everything again.
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    It's Fish Tales!!!!! (and Season 3 discussion)

    This is definitely something to look forward to this month. I've gotten to play a real Fish Tales on two occasions, but the condition of the machines was less than stellar so the experience left me mildly underwhelmed. It won't be a problem here, though!
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    What tables did you play today?

    Cue Ball Wizard. Too addicting, despite the duplicated cue ball (Mac version).
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    Table Pack #21 speculation

    Thanks for this, both you and Fungi. Somehow I had assumed year = season :)
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    Mac Version 2.10.0 Discussion and Feedback

    Equally messed up here, on an Early 2008 MacBook Pro with 10.9. Feeling a bit disappointed, because I was really looking forward to Cue Ball Wizard.
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    Table Pack #21 speculation

    Clarify something for me, would you. If CBW + El Dorado were the Pack #20 and released in November, #21 will be a January release, right? Everyone is talking about Season 3 already and to me it would seem illogical to start a new season in December.
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    AFM Tactics and Strategies

    Congratulations, vikingerik! I was getting too comfortable on that #1 spot with nothing to challenge :)
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    Mac Version 2.9.0 Discussion and Feedback

    Does anyone else find it curious that there's a simple keyboard shortcut for exiting full screen mode (ESC) but nothing as basic as pausing the game? At least I've failed to come across it, would be hugely useful.
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    Mavericks Update

    Thanks for the update! No goals were lost, all my high scores are back and frame rates are smooth (with 6x antialiasing) on my Early 2008 MacBook Pro with 10.9.
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    Bug Mac Version 2.9.0 Bugs

    As far as I can tell, no update has yet been released, at least the App Store reports nothing is available (this is in Finland).
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    Mavericks Update

    I believe this comes too late since additional information has already been posted into this topic, but I'll answer anyway. TPA was working fine for me before Mavericks installation. After installation, the TPA version was still the same as before and it had a lot of issues – purchased tables...
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    Biggest Bonus you've hit on AFM? Beat 48 BILLION!

    64.999.143.300 at 210X. That was a loooong game :p
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    Mavericks Update

    This really shows how Mac OS X is not very high on their priority list. Developers who publish on Mac App Store have had access to the pre-release versions of Mavericks since June, which means there has been plenty of time to update applications to support the new OS. On the other hand, it might...
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    I just bought TPA OSX...

    I encourage you to get a PS3 controller for playing TPA on the Mac, it's fantastic with precise nudging and no flipper lag (keyboard always has some).
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    Table Pack #18 "Speculation"

    The newsletter is out! The picture features Elvira Mistress of the Dark (from EATPM) and heads of the squirrels from Tee'd Off, all on top of a background taken from Haunted House backglass (the section used is above the upper right score display and it is mirrored in the image). Based on the...
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    Anti Aliasing works!

    I took screenshots comparing 8x and off states and there's no difference at all. Previously I had 4x antialiasing enabled, I think it's stuck on that (the lines are definitely smoothed compared to post-processing being on) even though it says otherwise in the menu. I've restarted the app...
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    Capcom emulation is already a reality

    Thanks for the details on sound capture. Without a doubt, the original samples you recorded using your setup should be good without any post-processing "as is" since you went directly to the sound board (the reason I was forced to use an EQ to make it sound "right" is because I used the mid-high...
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    Capcom emulation is already a reality

    I can only comment based on what I can hear, but the low sound quality doesn't affect only the DCS tables. Just compare something like TZ or BOP to the real thing. There's not much missing from the CVSD-compressed sampled voices and sound effects given their original quality, but the synthesized...

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