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  1. ER777

    Request Suggestions for improvements - PS4 version

    This is excellent news. That might be enough to get me back into playing the game on a regular basis again.
  2. ER777

    And then there were 3! (...4...5...6...7!)

    I did end up getting that Star Trek (Premium).. Hey, I bought one of those too. The hand stopped working a couple weeks after I got it though :/ I don't think I can keep up with the rest though lol
  3. ER777

    Replay FX in Pittsburgh

    I'll be there playing in the Pinburgh tournament for the first time.
  4. ER777

    And then there were 3! (...4...5...6...7!)

    Excellent choices on the new additions! I'm thinking about ordering a Star Trek here soon myself.
  5. ER777

    Pintastic New England - The regions first pinball expo!

    This was really a great show. I'll be back every year they do it. It had basically everything that Allentown does plus the late night after-party in the freeplay room. You should have joined the tournament to play Kiss. I played my first game ever on it in my qualifying ticket and my second...
  6. ER777

    Request Suggestions for improvements - PS4 version

    I think the plunger position has to be completely tied to the position of the stick on the PS4 controller, in order to keep their positions form getting out of sync. That means that the spring in the stick is essentially acting in place of the virtual plunger spring for determining how hard the...
  7. ER777

    CONTEST: Predict Season 5 & Table Packs 39 & 40!

    Based on what I had to leave off there's still plenty of material for a great season 6 and beyond. As for season 5: 39. Road Show 40. Getaway HS2 41. Paragon 42. F-14 Tomcat 43. Tales from the Crypt 44. Eight Ball Deluxe 45. Corvette 46. Johnny Mnemonic 47. Swords of Fury 48. Stargate 49...
  8. ER777

    Pintastic New England - The regions first pinball expo!

    Looks like they've put together a nice show, but I haven't heard much about it before now. It might try to make it with a few friends.
  9. ER777

    Request Suggestions for improvements - PS4 version

    All great suggestions
  10. ER777

    Pinball machine owners list

    Thanks. My friend has one and I always liked the gameplay. Now I seem to feel like I need a Paragon to go with it like he has..
  11. ER777

    Pinball machine owners list

    I just added #7 last night - Future Spa! Its my first early solid state.
  12. ER777

    2015 Real Pinball High Score Highlights

    Posting the full list is getting too long so here are just the highlights from 2015.. Link: My High Score Pics on Pinside Table Name Balls Score AC/DC (Premium) 3 486 M Metallica (Premium) 3 382 M Elvis 3 419 M Mustang (Pro)...
  13. ER777

    Top 3 Showdown: Farsight's Official Pre-1980 Poll

    Sounds like a good idea to me.
  14. ER777

    Playfield art for the hobbit released

    That's much better!
  15. ER777

    Where is Sorcerer?

    Same here.
  16. ER777

    And then there were 3! (...4...5...6...7!)

    Nice place, if I'm ever on the other side of the pond I'm going to invite myself over.
  17. ER777

    Extreme Oversight In Real Table Play From TPA Physics, What Else Could I Be Missing?

    For sure. The more real pinball I play the harder time I have adjusting to TPA when I turn it on (which is less often now that I have several real machines to play). I can usually adjust after like 20 minutes but its quite noticeably different how you need to handle the ball versus the real thing.
  18. ER777

    Pinball machine owners list

    Man, that's a lot of great games to let go of. I hope you don't miss them too much with all the new stuff coming. I put some deposit money down on Wrath of Olympus myself.
  19. ER777

    The Walking Dead

    Got to play TWD at the Stern release party in Buffalo yesterday. Its definitely a good game, as the code matures it may become a very good game. The playfield layout is pretty good and the art/theme is well done. I think it will be a popular game for tournaments because it can be very...
  20. ER777

    Pinball machine owners list

    Thanks, I'm not much of an AC/DC music fan either but a couple songs are growing on me. It really is a lot of fun. Thanks I definitely will. As a friend told my my Beavis and Butthead collection is complete lol. I'm not terribly bothered by the plastic apron in AC/DC so its not a big deal...

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