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    Williams' Collection Volume 5 guesses

    One table I would really like to see released that never made it to TPA is The Bally Game Show. Hope we see that some day.
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    Volume 4 out on iOS

    Yeah I am done too. What the hell are you doing Zen? Can’t even play all the new tables. Let me know when you come up with a better model. Till then. See ya.
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    Williams Pinball App Discussion

    Wow. What a grindfest. I have one fully unlocked. Fish Tales. The others are at 100 parts, but now I need 100 coins per table to unlock level 4. Should take two years to unlock them at this rate. Played for about 50-60 hours to reach this point. Bummed. All of that grinding and still have to...
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    WCS is here...sorta.

    Got a quick fix for ya. Go to the shopping cart on top. Click that. You should see the 4 tables from season 7 with padlocks on them. Click on the new table. That opens options on the bottom to buy or play free trial version. When you select that it downloads and you can play. I see...
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    Different editions of the disc versions?`

    That's ok. It doesn't seem like anybody else is in charge there either.
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    If We Buy Pack 2 Today, will Ghostbusters be Added Free Upon Release?

    Ghostbusters? Oh yeah, that's right I paid for that vaporware weeks ago. Yawn. Not surprised.
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    Pinball machine owners list

    The Hobbit. Just arrived today. Dialed In - pre-ordered
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    STERN Pinball Arcade is now live on PSN (for the PS4)

    When is Ghostbusters going to be released? Was hoping by Christmas.
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    New JJP: Dialed In by Pat Lawlor

    Played it at Expo about a dozen times. Came home, ordered the Limited Edition. Can't wait until it arrives!!!! Very fun and cool table. Still waiting for Hobbit to arrive too, that will be my first table. Looks like the first 2 will be NIB tables.
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    when will we see cabinet options?

    Given up waiting for cabinet support. They have no desire to do anything to improve their game for cabinet owners. Pro Pinball Timeshock is THE pinball table to play on your cabinet. By far the best pinball simulation out there. Worth every penny!! That one table alone makes the price of a...
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    virtuapin on shark tank CNBC tonight.

    They won't showcase TPA. TPA gave up on cabinet support a long time ago. Hope they don't even mention them, and why should they?
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    New Stern Pinball Arcade: AC/DC Kickstarter is FULLY FUNDED!!!

    Maybe Axl is now involved. It will come out, but only when Axl is "feeling it".
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    when will we see cabinet options?

    Don't hold your breath. :(
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    Pro Pinball

    Exactly. Move along. Enjoy Zen, because I sure can't. Glad someone can find enjoyment from it. I want to play pinball, that's why I choose Timeshock as my go to table above all else. Look forward to improvements.
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    Pro Pinball

    Can't wait for it to be released. Been loving the game so far and this update will only make it better.

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