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    Five things about yourself

    1) I am obsessed with roller coasters. 2) my preferred headphone brand is Sennheiser. 3) I'm a teetotaler. 4) I main Kirby in Snash. 5) I can somewhat control the weather.
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    AFM Tactics and Strategies

    A few things I have picked up. • If the Forcefield is up, take the Super Skill Shot and get it down. • It is possible, and rather easy IMO, to backhand the Big-O-Beam ramp on the fly after a right orbit. • As far as I know, there is no cap on the Annihilation Jackpot value. I've got it up...
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    Left ramp still unfixed!?

    Yeah, I noticed that too. My general strategy for Creature on TPA is to max out the combo, then cash it in. All day. I wonder if the left flipper gets bored from inactivity?
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    Pro Pinball

    I would like to point out that BRUSA is a flow player's dream. The layout and combo system are phenomenal for it.
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    If you could only own one table...

    I'm going to make a case for a pin that doesn't exist in physical form yet: Timeshock. It has a deep ruleset, a nice flowing layout (of course, nobody can touch BRUSA for flow), and the multiball is immensely satisfying. Further, who wouldn't want to have a ten-ball multiball? The whole...
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    Favorite Multiball effects?

    I've always loved BRUSA's duels, as well as the Big Race. Victory Frenzy is pretty hysterical as well; there's no warning, it just yells "VICTORY FRENZY!" and kicks out five (or six) balls at once.
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    So I finally topped 2 Billion...

    Grand Finale is tough, mostly because it's a "shots under pressure" issue. Nonetheless, it's worth a cool 1.1B, so I go for it. Also, I find the center ramp on my ToM (which needs a new trunk; the old one is pretty badly banged up) is easily loopable. My record is a 14-way combo on that...
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    GAME CENTER (Centre) IDs

    Hi, I'm Alaeriia. (First post; woohoo!)

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