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  1. Silverball67

    Williams Pinball Vol. 4 – May 28 – White Water! Hurricane! Red and Ted's Road Show!

    Not really happy about these choices. White water and Road-Show were "o.k.-tables" on TPA, but never really got me. Hurricane is imo just annoying. Wonder, If I should spend 10 Euros on that table-set.
  2. Silverball67

    The Music Video Thread

    Thanks for the Peter Sellers Clip! A real killing joke. Well, the joke itself is simple. But Sellers is so genius, his "frenglish" alone is shaking my sense of humor like a hurricane. P.S. The King Crimson song is from the Album RED (1974). The live-clip is from the 2016 tour. I recommend to...
  3. Silverball67

    The Music Video Thread

    Beeing here after quite a Long time, just heard the bad news about Dedpop. My thoughts and best wishes are with him. Mais si, puisque tu vas gagner Music can help. Here´s one of my favorite 70´s progrock-tunes, a real masterpiece in Music, in any style, any time: P.S. A warm hello to my...
  4. Silverball67

    Could Farsight reskin the Williams tables, and make them into Farsight originals?

    Who's gonna buy reskinned williams tables with the same outdated physics, graphics and sound from farsight?
  5. Silverball67

    When will the next Pinball Arcade table be released?

    Sorry to say that, but TPA seems to be stone-dead.
  6. Silverball67

    The Random Thought Thread

    Dear Wolfson! All the best for you in 2019! (and for all of our Folks) Love and health are the most important wishes. Actually, I´m in my special "nana-land", too, cause of too much peated single malts, yesterday.:p Pain in Guliver...:mad:
  7. Silverball67

    Patch 1.30 NA and 1.31 EU

    Thanks for reporting the crash-issues. So I will left TPA untouched until next patch. Happy Christmas to all of you folks and a happy new year!:D
  8. Silverball67

    Tournaments are Live and Working

    Thanks for your reply, dear Captain Caveman! Well, I bought them individually. It seems, you´re right, that´s the reason for my Problem. Farsight should solve this.
  9. Silverball67

    Tournaments are Live and Working

    And the best. It is still impossible for me to get the 3 Stern tables, already bought for SPA, in TPA for free on psn or ingame. I get charged 9,99 Euros per table. Sorry, not my tournament. P.S. But this is, of course, not Tom´s fault. Maybe Tom should start a second tournament with only...
  10. Silverball67

    Williams' Collection Volume 3 guesses

    Monster Bash is in my opinion the table that would benefit most by getting a ZEN Version, ´cause it simply looks awful in TPA compared to other tables. And we would get Dracula and Frankenstein optional animated on the table. Not to mention the better physics. So, it´s my first choice.
  11. Silverball67

    Official Williams Volume 2 news

    This Option is missing on PS4:mad:
  12. Silverball67

    Fish Tales

    My best was 12 boats destroyed. I´m not really good in Video modes at all.
  13. Silverball67

    Official Williams Volume 2 news

    That´s exactly my prefered setting!:D
  14. Silverball67

    Williams' Collection Volume 3 guesses

    I would say, we need Fathom instead of Paragon and Embryon.
  15. Silverball67

    Farsight must counterattack!

    You´re right. The instructions on TPA were very good. But remember the Headline of the thread "FS must counterattack!". That´ll be quit difficult with "strong Points" such as "we´ve got great instructions". By the way, mostly instructions for tables which are no longer available to buy...
  16. Silverball67

    Williams' Collection Volume 3 guesses

    Yeah! Taxi with animated Gorbie, Marylin, Dracula and Santa. Let´s take the joyride.:p
  17. Silverball67

    Patch 1.29 NA and 1.30 EU

    Well, if they lose Stern (what´s the origin of that presumption, dear Sean?) only Gottlieb will last. I´m afraid, this will be the end for FS-Pinball. They will háve to call it "Gottlieb Pinball Arcade". In this case, I will be out. So finger crossed, that Capcom will join.
  18. Silverball67

    Williams' Collection Volume 3 guesses

    Theatre of Magic and Circus voltaire would be so great. Completed with a non TPA released table like Indiana Jones would make the 3rd pack perfect. Perfect? Oh, I forgot Monster Bash. ToM and CV are in such a better shape compared to MB in TBA, so MB has first priority.
  19. Silverball67

    Patch 1.29 NA and 1.30 EU

    You really think, that SONY is responsible for the sound issues? Not FS? :confused: I´ve got two PS4 with a lot of games installed and not a single other game causes cracking sound troubles.
  20. Silverball67

    Patch 1.29 NA and 1.30 EU

    Thanks bnsuseluda, but it doesnt work. Ingame and direct from psn-shop the tables are shown up with 9,99 Euros (AC-DC, Star Trek, Ghostbusters) each. Has anyone here got the tables via crossbuy for free (PS4 in Europe)? I bought the tables for SPA not in the bundles, I got them as standalone...

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