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  1. Ian Longstaff

    Latest Digital Pinball tables released

    🆃🅻🅴 + 🆁🆄🅽🅳 + 🆄 ①③ A round up of most of the tables releases over the last 2 weeks ( I dont do tables that have only a slight update or fix ) Links are at the end to the sites to download from.
  2. Ian Longstaff

    high score compo

    Think you can do better than 605,659,016 on the Theatre of Magic (bally 1995) 2.4 By Fleep VPX pinball table ? This is the current average score considering the 15 participants who have submitted their score so far. Register for free at...
  3. Ian Longstaff

    latest Virtual pinball videos and releases

    Over 30 clips of latast virtual pinball games released this month.

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