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  1. ChezRoxwell

    Fish Tales - First Impression

    Meh, I think this is the last table I buy. This table really demonstrated just how shoddy the ball physics are. I'm on the PS4 so maybe it's different but balls going from 90 mph to a stand still, insane bounces, and just the general lack of control that real tables have. I know this is a "video...
  2. ChezRoxwell

    Zen Pinball - Star Wars

    I really hate those out lanes on the New Hope table though. Bounce left, bounce left, bounce left, drain. everytime they're hit
  3. ChezRoxwell

    Comparisons with the real table

    I have a real ATM not too far from me that I play regularly. It's in good condition and plays real nice. IMO this is one of the games that is VASTLY different in real life than it is in the game. The pinball arcade version of this game bricks out a ton and the ramps can be hard as hell to hit...
  4. ChezRoxwell

    High Score: 99,386,986,350

    Ahahaha! Ya know, now that I think about it, that billion did come pretty easily when my high score on the real machine is only about 250 million.
  5. ChezRoxwell

    High Score: 99,386,986,350

    And now the current high is LastNinja64 with 189,589,639,760 ... Or what: 30 hours of play? I had to check because I finally got my first billion and was feeling good... The high scores on the real machine at Pinside are maxing out around 5 billion so, it DOES seem suspicious that the pinball...
  6. ChezRoxwell

    This table STINKS

    Thanks mikehg! That's good advice. I've been playing MM lately so I'll keep that peasant ramp in mind. I actually watched a good tutorial video on nudging here Helps explain the idea behind the physics of the nudge for me.
  7. ChezRoxwell

    This table STINKS

    Maybe that's what it is. I don't understand nudging. I nudge when i THINK I should but I'm not sure if it doing anything beneficial. I need a nudging tutorial.
  8. ChezRoxwell

    I no longer hate this table

    Well I hate it. :) I'm not sure WHY, because in theory it seems like a fun table. Lots to do, decent challenge, et etc, but there's something about the way it plays that frustrates me. It's like getting randomly punished for a good shot or something. Maybe its the physics that feel "off". Not...
  9. ChezRoxwell

    This table STINKS

    That's right. It doesn't. I'm strong enough to admit when the fault lies with a crappy table.
  10. ChezRoxwell

    Request Turn off the end game number match

    I'd like an option to be able to turn off the end of game number match thing that happens on the display. Since these tables are theoretically set to "free play" there's no reason for it happen, and some of these tables have annoyingly long match games (MB I'm looking at you). It's cool to see...
  11. ChezRoxwell

    Request No more Gottlieb tables

    Egh, you're right. PS4 is still on Season 1. Well at least the coming lineups look more promising, but I stand by my dislike for pre-1980s era tables. Genie, Black Knight, Big Shot, etc are all packaged individually with a great modern table because, as I'm sure Farsight knows, if they were...
  12. ChezRoxwell

    This table STINKS

    Nah OP is right this table is trash. Why does it even have flippers since 50% of scoring on it is luck. I wish if Farsight wanted to recreate these tables they could make two games. Pinball Arcade for the good Bally, Williams modern era tables and Grandpa's Jersey Shore Boardwalk Memories for...
  13. ChezRoxwell

    Request No more Gottlieb tables

    Please stop reproducing these boring ****-tier tables. And please stop packaging them with a good table when you do. If I wanted to play plinko I'd get Plinko Arcade. Not interested in this crap. Actually any tables from before 1980 can get canned. Thanks!

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