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    Not Zen at all

    One thing I'm starting to get completely fed up with are the server issues. Just now I was trying to play some challenges — I got through one and then "There was a connection error to the game server. Please try again later.". This happens nearly every day. What is going on with Zen's server...
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    Unable to delete tables

    This has been happening to me for months. Also on a Fire HDX 7. I've installed ES File Explorer to go and delete the tables on my own. Annoying bug, though.
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    Purchasing Road Show

    When I go to purchase Road Show, it says "Xenon unlocked for unlimited play". I don't want to actually make the purchase unless I'm sure I'm really buying Road Show, not Xenon. Screenshot attached. Please advise. Thanks! EDIT: Removed the screenshot. The issue appears fixed now.
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    Android - Request Schweizer TPA Benutzer

    Looks like you're the only person in Switzerland playing TPA. :)
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    Kindle Fire - Bug Left flipper issue with Kindle Fire HDX 7"

    I have a 7" Fire HDX and have never experienced this problem.
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    Can't download Jack-Bot

    Yeah, that's a pretty crap response Farsight. :( Unlock all the tables I've bought through the Amazon appstore and I'd be happy to run the Google Play version on my phone. Sheesh. I use the Amazon appstore version specifically because I can use it on both my Kindle Fire and my phone and share...
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    Can't download Jack-Bot

    I have a Kindle Fire HDX and an Android phone; I use the Amazon version on both devices. Jack-Bot downloads on my Kindle, but on my phone (HTC Droid DNA) it starts to download for about a second then the whole app crashes and I get the message "Unfortunately, Pinball Arcade has stopped".
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    First impressions?

    I love this table, though it can be really damn frustrating. Had a few so-so games going the other day. Then, when close to both castle and coffin multiball, I activated mist multiball. Activated another multiball from there, then just kept flipping. Before I know it all three are activated and...
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    Please do Bally's Spectrum!!!

    Fun game! Very difficult to master. I love how fast the ball moves since there are balls ready to eject into the inlanes (kinda like ST:TNG). My dad owned this game in the early 90's, when I was a kid. Also owned Centaur. Why did he sell those?!
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    Bram Stokers Dracula Table

    Maybe Keanu's likeness wasn't an issue. Interesting story on IPDB though: Also pictured in this listing is a game with prototype stacked slingshot plastics showing Keanu Reeves & Winona Ryder's characters on them. According to designer Barry Oursler, these plastics were removed prior to...
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    The Addams Family Kickstarter is LIVE

    I'm not even sure why they couldn't secure Christopher Lloyd's or Jimmy Workman's license. Especially Jimmy as Puggsly. No offense to the guy, but what does he have going on? Is he not interested in some money? In Christopher Lloyd's case I wonder if he even knows about it. Sometimes agents or...
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    Table of the Month

    As far as Android goes, the Google Play Store version has the free table of the month but the Amazon Appstore version does not.
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    current stern models in TPA

    I saw that too and I'm intrigued and confused. We know they can emulate the Whitestar system, as we have Ripley's and Harley-Davidson. But newer games ('06-present?) use the S.A.M. system and I thought that cannot be emulated in TPA?
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    If people could buy credits instead of the table

    I think the free play until the first high score accomplishes just that. I've played all the tables, and have not bought a few based on the free play (EL DORADO). Now, if there was no option to play without buying, you might be onto something. Zen Pinball (at least on Android) doesn't let you...
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    Bug Kindle Fire Version 1.20.0 Bugs

    Fair enough. Curious if this is something specific to my 1st-gen Kindle Fire getting a little long in the tooth, or across all the Fires?
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    Bug Kindle Fire Version 1.20.0 Bugs

    Device/OS:1st gen Kindle Fire Bug Description: TPA icon in home screen "Carousel" is a blank gray tile, not TPA icon. Steps To Reproduce: Start up TPA. Any program you start places its icon in the "Carousel". Frequency: Always Additional Comments: Not sure if my 1st gen Kindle is getting...
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    Table Pack #21 speculation

    Didn't Bobby or somebody else from Farsight say this table pack was "something special" or something like that? How is Fish Tales something special, especially enough to warrant its own table pack? Now, Twister on the other hand... :cool:
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    Table Pack #21 speculation

    First thing I thought of was Twister as well. Though I think that would involve paying for the likenesses on the backglass and playfield. I can't remember if original actors' voices are used, like T2 or TAF. Maybe not expensive enough for a Kickstarter? It's a fun game, though. I might be...
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    Table Pack 19

    It's up. Thanks Ryan.
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    Table Pack 19

    Pack 19 doesn't seem to be available on the Amazon App Store. I think it was released a few days ago.

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