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    Patch 1.24 NA and 1.25 EU

    Not really, WMS refused to extend the licenses. No fault of farsight’s. I’m sure we’ll see the occasional Stern table here and there.
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    Patch 1.21 NA and 1.22 EU

    Yes, the menu music is whack.
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    What is going on? We DEMAND transparency!!!

    Neither us nor Tom should consider taking this guy seriously especially since it’s his first and only post :rolleyes:
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    Scared Stiff - music often stops completely on the PS4

    Cause ps4 version is pretty much dead in the water due to farsights apathy towards it before Tom showed up. Most people jumped ship to PC or stopped playing entirely.
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    Patch 1.19 NA and 1.20 EU

    Welcome aboard bud. Sounds like you have a good plan laid out for the platform. I've been waiting for a steady stream of communication for a long time. It sounds like Farsight made a great hire!
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    New Releases Coming???

    New guy for PS products? You mean they had a guy for ps products other than a drunk monkey???
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    New Releases Coming???

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, they don’t care. How many years have they been developing games on the PS4? And they STILL can’t get a release right for the life of them.
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    New Releases Coming???

    Same. If farsight doesn’t want to put the time and effort in to actually care about the product, why should we.
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    New Releases Coming???

    Said in the newsletter we are supposed to be caught up early December. But don't expect it at that time and heaven knows if the patch will break a million things.
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    PS4 - Please give us an update! Patch 1.18, Glo-Balls™, Season 6 DLC, and lighting

    They don't charge devs for patches at all anymore. Haven't for a long time now.
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    A Plea To Farsight: Quality Control Needs To Improve, Respect Your Customers

    You want to beg and plea to these guys to fix the product? Stop buying the tables. Stop buying anything with the farsight name on it. Maybe that’ll send them a message. Give em the kick in the gonads that they deserve so much!
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    PS4 - Please give us an update! Patch 1.18, Glo-Balls™, Season 6 DLC, and lighting

    No kidding. They're as bad as Blizzard if not worse!
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    Table Pack #67 Speculation

    It has nothing to do with markets. Farsight just doesn’t care about the consoles. You mention their competence as a developer. You do realize they’ve made mostly shovelware right?
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    PS4 Bug Fixes?

    I don't think that cert process exists anymore. Other indie devs can get their patches out within the same week they submit. The Siralim dev can get his patch out within a day or two. This lengthy cert process claimed by people on this forum and Farsight is a bunch of hogwash. The dev I...
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    Pinball Arcade Version 1.16 Now live on PSN/PS4 (Dual Light Slider added)

    so some of the new tables are broken per usual? i know about the creature problem and the other glitches with the older tables. all i want to know is whether or not the season 6 tables are playable and if i purchase the season 6 pass will i be able to download the tables?
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    Pinball Arcade Version 1.16 Now live on PSN/PS4 (Dual Light Slider added)

    I don't feel like reading through all this nitpicking, so i will ask this question and i apologize if its already been answered... is the season pass safe to purchase? US psn.
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    Pinball Arcade Version 1.14 is LIVE!!!

    Don't compare FS to Hello Games. Ever.
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    Pinball Arcade Version 1.14 is LIVE!!!

    so we are to expect this lighting fix in when Summer 2017?

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