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  1. Bravewall

    Pinburg and Farsight this weekend (7/16)

    Super jealous of anyone who gets to go.
  2. Bravewall

    The Dark Side of TPA: over-exertion and injuries

    Its just like anything else. If you do it the wrong way, you can **** up your body. You go to work out without stretching first, you **** up your body. You work all day in a cubicle, and you don't take the time to at least get up an walk around, you'll **** up your body. You take this game...
  3. Bravewall


    The link says its open for Mac on Steam as well, but the Mac Version hasn't updated to the new UI yet. I have all the tourney tables free to play now, which is nice, but no tourney is available. This is reportedly standard issue for mac users. Any word on a mac update Farsight?
  4. Bravewall

    Feedback on new UI

    Playing on an Asus Zenpad. UI dimensions are off. (Very easy to tell, when pictures of balls are squished.) Not a problem on my moto G phone, or Galaxy Tab 4.
  5. Bravewall

    Bug Shake nudge seems to be disabled

    ThankYOU for checking it out. Consequently, I did go out and buy a new Asus Zenpad, and shake nudge isn't working for that either.
  6. Bravewall

    The Music Video Thread

    This song changed my life last year.
  7. Bravewall

    What is your favourite table

    I'll have to go with High Speed.
  8. Bravewall

    Bug No audio (PS4 and Andriod)

    I have both PS4 and Android versions, and both were working fine. I was able to turn it off by going in to options on any table and lowering the volume on menu music. Thats probably already lowered in your game somehow. Try your audio options if you want it back up.
  9. Bravewall

    Bug Shake nudge seems to be disabled

    On both my android tablet and phone, I can't seem to use the shake nudge. Touch screen nudge still working, but thats not what I'm used to. Before I double confirmed with my phone, I was about to use this as an excuse to get a new tablet. I've tried multiple tables, and no luck. Must be some...
  10. Bravewall

    Next original themes teased

    I'm a huge Marvel fan... and I'm a casual fan of Star Wars, so those taking up the majority of the game are only a bonus for me. I'm also a big fan of south park, portal and the telltale walking dead, so as far as licensing goes, Zen is batting a thousand with me. Even if Zen were all...
  11. Bravewall

    Twitchstream General Discussion

    I'm streaming live now, please follow!
  12. Bravewall

    Custom ION iArcade pinball cabinet!!!

    Android compatible?
  13. Bravewall

    Zaccharia for Android: Initial Release Discussion

    After carefully considering the premium, I was sold on the ability to move the camera angle to my liking, and the sound of the ball as it moves along the play floor. They've raised the bar for sure. A.S.K. did a fantastic job on these tables and are selling the premium for a great value. I'm...
  14. Bravewall

    Lack of good Android Pinball Games

    Yup thank for the heads up!
  15. Bravewall

    Lack of good Android Pinball Games

    Having bought a tablet specifically for the purpose of portable pinball, my original intent was to buy an ipad. I've been a mac user for 15 years. However I went with an tab 4 instead, simply because it was a wider screen, that better fits the dimensions of a pinball table, not to mention the...
  16. Bravewall

    Farsight's new virtual pinball table!

    This is the highest of goals on my wishlist. I plan to get one made by virtuapin in a year or so, to ensure that it's done right. Im going to get it as fully loaded as i can, as big as I can, with the BK2000 decal. I see that they are running older windows os, so I'm wondering if they will...
  17. Bravewall

    Rollers of the Realm

    I never would have found this game, were it not for this thread. I usually only search "pinball." So thanks for that! Its well worth the 10 bucks. I haven't really enjoyed an rpg in years, mainly because I get bored of the game mechanics, but the pinball fits it perfectly. Epic quest is my...
  18. Bravewall

    Vote for Paragon. It's an order.

    This thread has convinced me. Sold!
  19. Bravewall

    pinball fx2 - Pinball arcade

    My guess is any digital pinball that isn't based on real pinball tables is going to have a tough time being as challenging, because they don't have the incentive to eat your quarters.
  20. Bravewall

    ALL of those Lawlor tables

    True... the difference being though, Lawlor's sucker shots are closer. I can nudge to save myself on all those other sucker shots. Lawlor's are just looming right over the drain. Plus Lawlor's are typically wider, and more likely to sucker me.

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