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  1. night

    Pinball Editor is coming

    Thanks Zsolt, great news!
  2. night

    Pinball Editor is coming

    PC only... great news for a Mac user:mad:
  3. night

    Zaccaria rubber ball

    There is no new update.. as far as I know. Latest was Sept. 18 2015 for iOS.
  4. night


    Aliens in Zaccaria app? I don't understand, not seeing anything like an Aliens table.. edit: ah.. you mean Art of Pinball HD
  5. night

    Zaccaria Elecro Mechanic tables still to come

    Great, the more Zaccaria the better!
  6. night

    Pro Pinball

    I bought the app for the OSX. Really nice. After installing it still had to download 1491,7MB (for my monitor 1440 resolution), and that gives you 1 table view, the others have to be downloaded as well if you want to play different table views. I had to lower the graphic-settings to RGB make it...
  7. night

    Ask Me Anything FarsightStudios - I will reply.

    It would be great to see table and glass reflections (think Zaccaria), can we see something like that in the near future, let's say, next week?
  8. night

    Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

    These games contain mild fantasy violence.
  9. night

    iOS - Bug Little Monkey & Bell hidden behind in Central Park

    Of all the great EM's.. they had to choose CP to emulate. :p
  10. night

    new layout/update

    I think the 'idea' of the new interface is good, but as it is right now I just can't read the table-titles on my iPhone 6.. Also, when I want to pause a game or switch the tableview it is kind of a hit or miss with these small icons. Everything needs to be in a larger scale, and then it would...
  11. night

    Zaccaria Pinball

  12. night

    Zaccaria Pinball - PC Steam beta

    I hope this will be a great succes!
  13. night

    Zaccaria Pinball - new menu system

    I think it looks good, but ascetically the text should not fall outside the borders of the transparent tiles. :) I hope there will be a Mac version as well!
  14. night

    Graphical Updates For Season 1 & 2 Tables?

    I don't care about good graphics at all.
  15. night

    Zaccaria Pinball- Cine Star, bugs and feedback

    Great image of the Duck spinner!
  16. night

    What's Next?

    Me thinks ASK is not present on this forum anymore, unless something new is coming up. The pinball editor would be great.
  17. night

    Zaccaria Pinball - update v3.9 [iOS/Android]

    Yes, shared tables or it will be useless. We could work togheter on a table!

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