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  1. Pinandy

    August Steam update

    I like the new option for the backglass on a 2nd screen. Does anyone know, if there is a way to set the backglass fullscreen...?:confused: is a Beta-Feature. Maybe we will get some more options in the full release. Let's hope...
  2. Pinandy

    WCS is here...sorta.

    Tried it on my Ipad Pro (12", 1st Gen.) but can't access the new Table. Instead of the Play-Button after selecting the table, i get a collection of Custom Balls that i could buy...
  3. Pinandy

    Zaccaria rubber ball

    Latest Update on Steam was 3 days ago.
  4. Pinandy

    Pro Pinball

    Probably they installed the latest windows Updates on the server....who knows. 😆
  5. Pinandy

    Pinball FX2 VR for Oculus Rift

    Pinball FX2 VR is now available in the PS EU-Store. I only had time to test every table a few minutes and after this short time i can say, this game is fantastic. I have also tried SPA on a Samsung Gear VR a few weeks ago but this is not in the approach as good as Pinball FX2 VR. If you have a...
  6. Pinandy

    The Mummy

    sorry, wrong thread. should go in the Alien table discussion.
  7. Pinandy

    The Mummy

    I don't know if it's a bug or a feature, but when you select "Random table" you can also play sometimes the Alien-table. :cool:
  8. Pinandy

    Modern pinball tables and VR Support are coming!

    the first modern table is out on steam. havent it tried on my cab, only on my pc. plays great so far.
  9. Pinandy


    ASK Homeworks have a Pinball game called "The Art of Pinball" in the iOS Store. If you have unlocked 300 achivements in "Zaccharia Pinball" you will get this table for free to your collection.
  10. Pinandy

    Black Flaggers (Pinball Wicked)

    it's not really surprising me because there was not much support for the game. 😔
  11. Pinandy

    Request Bad Cats: Love it or leave it?

    +1 It "belongs" in TPA...
  12. Pinandy

    Gekaufte Tische weg

    Hi! Hast Du schon mal probiert, unter "Tischeverwaltung" -> "Einkäufe wiederherstellen" ? Bist Du mit dem selben Farsight-Account auf dem Tablet eingeloggt wie auf dem Honor 7?
  13. Pinandy

    Cabinet support is... Released!

    Yes, you are correct. At the moment, only 1 Monitor ist supported. However. I think its much better than before now. No more moving camera when you Lauch the Ball,...
  14. Pinandy

    Pro Pinball

    Pro Pinball Timeshock now supports also PinDMD3. Here's a short Video of my Cab. (Unfinished):cool:
  15. Pinandy

    The Mummy

    Would be great it the Art of Pinball series would also come to PC.
  16. Pinandy

    Zaccaria Pinball - PC Steam beta

    Hi Zsolt! Is there a possibility that you make an ingame option for rotating the screen to play in portrait mode??
  17. Pinandy

    Zaccaria Pinball - PC Steam beta

    Have installed it on my cab. Unfortunately i dont had much time to play, but after a few minutes of playing i can say gameplay, look and feel are fantastic. 👍👍
  18. Pinandy

    Could Freecamera mod be extended to support VR?

    Even i would do this if i would get a Vive. 😀 ok, first i have to learn programming....but i would do. 😂😂

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