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    Best Monitor for portrait play

    Yes, they sell versions with slightly different case/stand colors. The one you linked is the "platinum" colored one. "W" is "white". Yes, it is freesync, which is a minor downside for me, as I am an nvidia only guy, but the problem with G-sync is that you end up with a monitor that only...
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    Best Monitor for portrait play

    I recently purchased an LG 27UD88. It ticks most of the boxes you are looking for: 27", 4k, IPS, excellent input lag, HDMI 2.0, DP, stand has height adjustment and portrait rotation It is quite pricey, at $650, but the 27UD68 is the same screen without the factory color calibration for $527...
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    Bug High Rolling Rolling Rolling Casion: Anti-Gravity Roulette Mode

    Looks like somebody finally figured out how to build a perpetual motion machine. :p
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    You think we'll ever be able to do a tap pass?

    I guess the question is, could we ever at some point get a sampling rate higher than 60fps? I'm sure several of the platforms (especially the PC) have the CPU power to run at twice, or maybe even triple that. On the PC, it could be an adjustable setting based upon a system benchmark that...
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    Do you get angry when the ball drains?

    Yes, for me this usually is followed by several choice expletives.
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    Bug Right Ramp scores Spiral shots

    It can and does happen on a real TZ. Not every time, but it does happen.
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    Request Who wants Bram Stokers Dracula to be this years Halloween table?

    Do want, but hopefully not before I can get my hands on a real one. (Don't want the price going up any more before I can buy it, lol)
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    Lost scores and goals AGAIN

    I see some evidence of Steam Cloud synchronization working, as my desktop machine now shows the same goals completed as my game rig does. It isn't perfect, though, as there are a couple of tables where I had completed standard goals on the desktop but not on the game rig, and now those are...
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    My impressions as a TZ machine owner

    One thing that I really miss in the TPA version is the sound of a ball hitting the scoops, especially on a hard shot. The kaCHUNK you get on a successful piano or camera shot on the real machine is something the TPA version needs.
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    Bug Terminator 2 Extra Ball Standard Goal

    Getting the extra ball by hitting the replay score is apparently not what the goal is looking for. It probably wants you to get it through Database, Escape Route, or Video Mode.
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    Which table did you first beat the Wizard goals on? Why that table?

    For me it was Elvira and the Party Monsters. I did alot of work on the VPM version way way back, so I had quite a lot of practice from that and from the real thing that was close by at the time of development.
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    Bug PC Version 1.21.3 Bugs

    Physics - Black Knight ball launches off table on hard right ramp hit OS Version: Windows 7 Graphics Card: 2x NVIDIA GTX480 SLi Ram: 6GB Version #: 1.21.3 Display Mode: Full Screen portrait Display Resolution: 1200x1920 Frequency of Occurrence: Every hard shot up the right ramp. Expected...
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    New years! Post your TZ high score for today!

    I was wondering why my TZ played so much faster than the TPA version. Turns out that when I moved I used the wrong end of the bubble on the built-in leveller to level the game. I didn't discover my mistake until I finally managed to locate the manual and look it up. It was effectively at...
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    request rotate option in config menu

    I know exactly what you are getting at here, because this would save having to re-configure the screen in Windows every time you switch between VP and TPA. Probably something to consider as part of the cabinet mode options.
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    Steam Cloud option?

    +1 for this suggestion.
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    PC Version works in excellent 3D with Nvidia 3D Vision and with Oculus Rift w VorpX

    I'm glad to hear it, as one of my friends mentioned "hey, this would be great with 3d!"
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    My impressions as a TZ machine owner

    OP is spot on here. My personal TZ was pretty easy for quite a while as I put alot of effort into getting everything working properly, especially that slot machine kickout. Since I've moved,the machine has become brutally difficult, and it's mostly because it has become the "drunken Nolan...
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    What are your most-wanted tables?

    1. Lord of The Rings 2. Indiana Jones (Williams 1993 version, not to be confused with the new Stern version) 3. Bram Stoker's Dracula 4. Fathom 5. Blackout
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    Bug PC Version 1.20.4 Bugs

    Title Bug: General: Table goes into "limbo" if you hit the back button after entering a high score. OS Version: Windows 7 Graphics Card: 2x NVIDIA Geforce GTX480 SLi Ram: 6Gb Version #: 1.20.4 (but noticed this in prior version as well) Display Mode: Full Screen Display Resolution: 1200x1920...

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