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    TPA iOS v3.6.0 (Junk Yard release) Discussion & Feedback

    What's up with the 10 second pause between the point at which you press start and game play begins? Instead of the game beginning, the camera pans over the table for 10 seconds. A bit annoying. Maybe it's just my copy? Also, has anyone hit "Midnight Madness" ? If you happen to be playing late...
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    TPA iOS v3.6.0 (Junk Yard release) Discussion & Feedback

    I cracked 400mil on my third game. This table is WAY too easy.
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    Steam- Mac Version

    I'm getting the same error. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling 5 times now, and the same thing happens every single time.
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    High Score: 99,386,986,350

    Is that nuclearkevin's actual high score, or did him and "Howling_Goro" (96,602,694,250) somehow hack the system and manipulate their final score or game play? I just don't see how a high score like that is humanly attainable. 99 billion? Really?

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