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    If you had $10,000 to spend on pinball?

    Hi k. Omg . Guess I am glad a.c. Included in condo. Ur not far from me . In Atlantic city new jersey now. Was born in philly. If you have room some money . U can pin 4 real . TNT amusements . Southhampton pa. Has lots of pins. From $1500.00 to $ 2.600. They will loan u money if u qualify. Check...
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    Anyone know the difference between a Title update and a regular update?

    Hi Richard. Please don't say Dlc won't be out tues. Please don'.t say that? Sly said it would be out the 17 of July. Did u hear anything else about it?
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    Kickstart 2 new tables

    Hi. Sorry people. I don't think there is ever going to be a Addams family. G. Lacey. Said there are problems with it . If there is no problem with eight ball or high speed. Can u ask them if we could have them both early 2013. Please.
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    Kickstart 2 new tables

    I been thinking after stAr trek. I would like to kickstart 2 tables I think everybody would like . Eight ball deluxe also high speed . I know everybody has different tables they would want . Do u guys want these tables which should be at the start of the yr ? I would put in $30.00 each table...
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    KickstArter for Addams family

    How do we get a kickstarter for the Addams family table? I know u will be doing star trek. Can u have as many kickstart programs going on at the same time? Were do I send the Money for the kickstart program?
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    Hi j. I didnt know pin museum was that close to where I live( Atlantic city new jersey) . I used...

    Hi j. I didnt know pin museum was that close to where I live( Atlantic city new jersey) . I used to be asst. Mgr. At bally's Aladdin castle arcade. U had to clean the pinball machines. I remember cleaning funhouse. I think I killed Rudy? After u cleaned the pin & Rudy he wouldn't work. Also...
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    Round 3: Post Your Questions for Bobby King

    Who picks tables to put out & how do we get the tables we want in tpa ? Hi Jeff. I didn't know how to put the question up there. Can u help? My question. How do we get the tables we really want in tpa. ( like Addams family/ baby pacman & kiss? Thanks
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    Kill the carpet POLL

    Hi night. I hate the carpet. Looks like somewhat like the carpet at my job .( casino ) yeah they could be almost twins.v like I said in my thread ( which for some strange reason are shut down /like the free Dlc. For waiting 4 months for 6 soon to be pinball tables). But this is a different blog...
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    Some free Dlc from farsight for waiting & waiting & waiting xbox fans

    I mean 3people out of 30 on my xbox friends list have bought the pinball arcade. They laugh at me because I have the same 4 tables for 3 months. Farsight can u hear ne. Help ne change their minds ?
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    Some free Dlc from farsight for waiting & waiting & waiting xbox fans

    Do u think farsight studios should give us a free Dlc pack for the waiting & waiting & still waiting (3 months & counting waiting) ??? Pinfx2 gave us free table last yr. I think we should get a free Dlc pack of our choice !!!what do u guys think ? I think they should after all we are the key...
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    How many people own Williams phof

    I would like to know how many people have Williams phof? Right this minute at 4:00 am east coast time, I am playing wiiliams Phof & having a ball !!!!!! Farsight. Said Dlc will be here when Microsoft says so. At this point looks like the yr 3000.??? 3 months for 6 pinball machines ??????. I...
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    The Future of TPA

    Hi franky. I think I answered this thread,but I can't find my quote? So i have to do it again.1. Xbox hasn't even gotten is Dlc yet. 2. Does anybody know what the new xbox name is & what it looks like(anybody--anybody) u know when the new xbox us coming out.? 3. Do u know if u can play ur...
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    1st go around would u rather have a disc with a Dlc sooner & all the extra's

    I just don't like all this waiting . I have Williams phof do I am waiting for bride of pin it/circus volatare/monster bash/creature from black lagoons. They did't even say we will get multi-player on the update when they stated when there is 10 tables there will be multi-player? I just thought...
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    Pinball tables placed in real arcade setting

    Forgot to tell u farsight wouldn't create the arcade the players would any way they liked. If u didn't want a arcade u could keep it any way u wanted. When we get new tables we would just place them were we wanted. Like in gameroom when you bought Dlc. U placed games & set up ur room any way u...
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    Pinball tables placed in real arcade setting

    Hi. I play wiiliams phof last night for along time. I liked the setting I always did. Real arcade . Also have gameroom on xbox arcade. Set up as a arcade but microsoft wouldn't do the right thing & put multi-player in it & yes it died. But u still can roll around my arcade & play friends are...
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    Comment by 'Gail R Schwartz' in article 'Breaking News : CREATURE Spotted Heading To The Pinball Arcade!'

    What tables??? Xbox (0) Where are u playing all of this content?? I playing on my ipad2. I was going to play on the xbox. That were I want to play. Multi-player & all of the extra's . But as if July 3rd nothing is there. Hello tables tables were are u? Xbox still gets nothing. & no confirmed...
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    1st go around would u rather have a disc with a Dlc sooner & all the extra's

    Hi. Instead if us just sitting around For 3 months & counting. Would all of u Like a complete disc with all Dlc we are getting till end of yr.also all of the extra's( multi-player). We would have gotten it 3 months sooner instead of waiting around with the same 4 tables while everybod else is...
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    Dlc packs date release & update info

    Does anyone here know the correct release date for Dlc packs #1/#2/#3 also complete update info
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    Pinball tables placed in real arcade setting

    Just started playing Williams phof the disc for xbox 360. Before u enter u are looking at a real arcade. When u enter it is the arcade with ur pinball tables & etc. A real arcade. Can everybody ask farsight to make this up for us now for pinball arcade? What do u guys think ? Do u what this too ?
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    Found 5 Pins in Manchester CT

    Hi Gary. What have we become. We are all our pinball machines? Here in Atlantic city new jersey there are a couple new. Ones like ac/dc. Couple others. I have to travel 30.miles. Yes 30 miles to play 10 or more pinball machines. Who killed us? Did video games kill pinball? I guess all of us by...

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