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  1. dagwood

    Zaccaria rubber ball

    They've completely abandoned iOS :( Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. dagwood

    C'mon FS , TX Sector

    This happened on the last update as well, I lost all the purchased tables from the previous seasons and the only way I could get them back was to delete the whole app and reinstall from scratch. It took forever!!! I wish these dev's would sort this crap out before releasing. Sent from my...
  3. dagwood

    T-sector is up for iOS

    Every time they release an update it screws up on iOS [emoji30] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. dagwood

    What's Next?

    Pinball editor would be totally awesome for me :)
  5. dagwood

    iOS - Bug Hall Of Fame scores not adding up :(

    Ahh!!!! I see, so that's how it works. All this time I thought it was just supposed to add points earned. Cheers!
  6. dagwood

    iOS - Bug Hall Of Fame scores not adding up :(

    The numbers I quoted were arbitrary, my point was that the total HoF points don't increment by the points won on each table.
  7. dagwood

    iOS - Bug Hall Of Fame scores not adding up :(

    What really annoys me is when I get a nice big HoF reward for a table let's say 140 points, but my total HoF points only go up by 12 points or something much smaller. Why does this happen all the time?
  8. dagwood

    Zaccaria Pinball - update v3.9 [iOS/Android]

    Thanks I'll give it a try...
  9. dagwood

    Zaccaria Pinball - update v3.9 [iOS/Android]

    Sadly even at zero they still kick the ball around. We used to be able to do this a few versions ago, but it no longer works.
  10. dagwood

    Zaccaria Pinball - update v3.9 [iOS/Android]

    Please oh please make it so that we can turn down those slings, I want play pinball not sit there watching the ball bounce from side to side.
  11. dagwood

    Manage Tables, crashes out in v.3.9.0.F #1 with iOS 7.1.2 IPad-MINI

    Yes!!!! Definitely crashing here too on both, my iPad 3 running iOS 7.1.1 and also on my iPad 4 running iOS 7.1.2 This has got to be fixed ASAP!!!!
  12. dagwood

    New update today zaccaria

    Well this an extraordinarily long time between updates (nearly two months), ASK must be loosing interest in the Zaccaria project, kind of like they have with Age of Pinballs. Perhaps everyone interested in this app has already purchased a gold membership and now ASK have run out of development...
  13. dagwood

    New update today zaccaria

    Its usually about now that ASK release a table. BTW, Zolt used to make regular appearances on here but I think he's just too busy these days. It was a great time though because we would ask for changes & report bugs and they would be implemented at the next update. This rarely happens now and...
  14. dagwood

    How to disable nudge

    I'm really holding out for something to kill this annoying nudge feature too.
  15. dagwood

    Zaccaria Pinball - Magic Castle (1984) Bugs & Feedback

    I love this table! Sorry no bugs ;)
  16. dagwood

    Dirt Masters

    I don't play these sort of games but as an act of support for the ASK team I've bought it anyway, no need for redeem it's only the price of a cheap cup of coffee ;)
  17. dagwood

    Zaccaria Pinball 1.8 ?

    I'm sure once they get all the tables sorted out on iOS then we might see a PC & Android port as well. For now it would be better to let them concentrate their efforts getting the remaining tables out in a well functioning condition.
  18. dagwood

    Zaccaria Pinball - Star God (1980) Bugs & Feedback

    Bonus Multiplier lights on play-field not lighting up.
  19. dagwood

    Zaccaria Pinball 1.8 ?

    An ill wind blows through the offices of ASK Homework :p

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