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  1. neglectoid

    Forum closure

    thanks gord, thanks mods, and most of all, thanks to all the members. there was a time i would spends hours n hours on the forum and the chat room everyday. great times. i have nothing but good memories about this place. i learned a lot of good information from here. i really dont know what...
  2. neglectoid

    The Random Thought Thread

    just wanted to say thanks to lyman sheats. you brought me 100's of hours of fun and memories. i'll love you forever. replay in piece.
  3. neglectoid

    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

    lets all suck the same duck again. yay.
  4. neglectoid

    Switch Friend Code List (FX3)

    screen name : neglectoid friend code : 3300 0361 1069 i dont play as much video pinball as i use to. my town finally figured out that pinball machines are cool, and we have a pretty good selection of machines now. also sometimes when i buy a new game, it somehow corrupts the files on the game...
  5. neglectoid

    Official Announcement.

    this is all BS.
  6. neglectoid

    USA adding Season 2 -- buy a physical disk or buy it in the Season 1 game?

    I bought an used season 2 disc for 20 bucks.
  7. neglectoid

    Pinball in Colorado

    the penny arcade in manitou springs went on a pinball spending spree this year. they added a bunch of new sterns. batman 66, ghostbusters, the walking dead, kiss, the hobbit, mustang, whoa nellie. they also have a lot of older machines. rollergames, silverball, fireball, mati hari, captain...
  8. neglectoid

    When are we supposed to be getting Ghostbusters?

    i hope not. the one i played was always sdtm from the scoop, and it had an extra sensitive tilt.
  9. neglectoid

    Solar Eclipse

    why is it, when the sun goes into a blackout on a monday afternoon its a beatiful event? but when i do its considered a problem?
  10. neglectoid

    Balls slipping through the outlines back in?

    i have a technique where I can save the ball from the outlanes into the inlanes with about 90% accuracy. feels like im cheating. but oh well.
  11. neglectoid

    Pinball mechanics/mechanisms at Maker Faire Bay Area 2017!

    id love to see some pics
  12. neglectoid

    Buying a PS4 just for Pinball Arcade

    I bought a ps4 just to play the stern pinball arcade. im happy with my purchase. I did pick up a season 1 disc used off ebay for about 20 bucks and im happy with that also. sorry to contradict good ole jeff here, but I think the ps3/ps4 controllers are pieces of crap. while they are more...
  13. neglectoid

    Ghostbusters for SPA

    there is already a thread for this.
  14. neglectoid

    PAPA 20 Finals

    great job Escher !!!
  15. neglectoid

    BlahCade 94: Bit Rot and Bug Fixes

    I wish haunted house's backglass had its lightshow.
  16. neglectoid

    Unofficial Official Poll: Paragon vs. Embryon

    this is big news.

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