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  1. ivanovmitko

    Pinball Arcade: "Tiered Tournament!" Talkback

    Congratulations Dylan,well played tournament
  2. ivanovmitko

    5/31/2013 - 6/10/2013 Mobile Tournament

    +1 for the 5 attempts,not supporting fewer tables.By the way 38'th this time,greetings to all. :-)
  3. ivanovmitko

    Tournament Scores Can Be Hacked

    25 here :) , enjoying the White Water,and hate DR.Dude coz that multiball camera glitch(i was on super dude shooting gazilions with my last ball,had around 40 mil points and than camera freeze,played blind till ball drained)hahaha played blind - like the song ( lol)
  4. ivanovmitko

    Hi all :-)

    Just want to say hi and to introduce myself.My name is Ivanov Mitko and I came from Macedonia,first time I meet and fall in love with pinballs was when I was like six,seven and played on Centaur after school,I was so small so the guy worked there put a chair in front of it :-)'all the lights,and...
  5. ivanovmitko

    Tournament Scores Can Be Hacked

    Congrats Dylan,nice job dude :-)

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