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  1. jkonami

    new layout/update

    I agree about the "my tables" thing, my humble request is to have a way to filter to show only tables you own. I'd also like to see the seasons separated, I just bought season 3 pro (thanks for the sale on Steam!) so right now a way to see Season 3 tables on a page all by itself would be really...
  2. jkonami

    Bram Stokers Dracula Table

    This is a pretty cool table! I'm not a particular fan of the movie but I'm really liking the music and the DMD animations. For home video games released around the same time, usually a Hollywood movie license meant it was gonna be a pretty terrible game. Seems like for pinball tables it's the...
  3. jkonami

    Version 1.28.11 released

    Just got all the standard goals in Cactus Canyon, no achievement though. I did get the hi-score achievement.
  4. jkonami

    Request Enable analog sticks in the menus

    Seconded! I also noticed you can't press B to back out on some menus.
  5. jkonami

    Coming soon - The Walking Dead!!!!

    Oh wow, really? I'm gonna have to seriously look into building one. I've looked at buying before, the price is bonkers. TPA cab support down the road would make that extra awesome.
  6. jkonami

    Coming soon - The Walking Dead!!!!

    They've got artists over at Zen, I think if you stuck to the aesthetic in either the comics or the games, it would be recognizably TWD. You coulda said the same thing about the Telltale game too before it's release and immense popularity.
  7. jkonami

    Box Office Bombs - What pinball tables from this list do you want in TPA? Take 2!

    Flash Gordon is supposed to be a decent game, isn't it? I loved that movie as a child.
  8. jkonami

    Coming soon - The Walking Dead!!!!

    I'll definitely pick this up, although I usually wait for a sale. I only now just got the Dr. Strange table from the Steam summer sale. It's a little weird to me that the characters are based on season 1 of the Telltale game, especially now that we're into season 2. I'm can understand...
  9. jkonami

    Poll - All plausible licensed tables left in the top ten polls - Unofficial

    Only voted for Tales from the Crypt. The rest don't thrill me theme-wise.
  10. jkonami

    Steam summer Sale?

    Yeah, I hope what I said didn't come off as sarcasm, I did mean it. I already got the high scores and standard goals completed for ToM and RBioN, still working on standard goals for Black Hole (That game is a B****). Thanks again for having the penny sale, Farsight. I hope we can look forward...
  11. jkonami

    Season 4 Kickstarter Poll- Most Wanted

    None of these for me. I would kick in for a Bing Bang Bar. Just sayin'!
  12. jkonami

    Steam summer Sale?

    Oh wow, thanks for this. ToM alone is worth a penny for sure.
  13. jkonami

    Totally UNofficial "Top 10 of What's Left" - *WILLIAMS NON-LICENSE*

    I'm down for any Williams titles! I want everyone to get their faves, especially the Banzai Run and Getaway II fans, but I looked up Big Guns, Blackout, Laser Cue, Solar Fire... and I would love any of these too. Something about that early-mid 80's artwork and theming that I just can't get...
  14. jkonami

    So much for the Wii's "Greatness"...

    I am impressed with the way Mario Kart 8 is looking and it's the only console out of the new ones I really want to get. I don't trust Microsoft and I don't care for the kinect, and the PS4 might be nice one day but so far there are no games I want even on the horizon. I hope Nintendo gets some...
  15. jkonami

    Any Chance Of The 'Enivronment' Textures/Assets Getting Upgraded???

    I was thinking they could use existing assets like putting the other games next to the one you're playing (A feature to set them up in a virtual room would be great) but then I realized you never see the side art or anything, so the cabinets probably aren't fully modeled out. Have some one drum...
  16. jkonami

    Device of Choice or Console of choice

    PC: Technically has the best potential for graphics fidelity/performance, screen size of my choosing, real buttons instead of touch interface, no publisher/certification roadblocks now that it's on steam so tables should come out for it as soon as they're ready. I guess the only downside is...
  17. jkonami

    Season 3 pack removed from all platforms!

    Thanks for the clarification Mike. My #2 (assumption) is based on a table pack I won from Farsight during Xmas, when I noticed I only had access when I was logged in to Farsight, otherwise it disappeared from "My Tables." I guess this is pretty much how the Kickstarters work as well, right...
  18. jkonami

    Can you get goals on Table of the Month tables?

    Thanks, Stuart.
  19. jkonami

    Can you get goals on Table of the Month tables?

    So something different in this month's build - I am now able to get goals, and I got all five standard ones for Medieval Madness, but I didn't get an achievement. I did get the Hi-Score achievement, just not the standard goals achievement. What's more, is that the standard goals reset! I...
  20. jkonami

    Season 3 pack removed from all platforms!

    Huh, at least as of now you can still buy Season Packs (all 3 of them) through Steam. I wanted to buy all 3 this way but hadn't yet. I think I'm already a little wary of how games are tied to my account, from what I can tell there are actually three different ways to buy a game, and there lies...

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