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    Arcade1up Star Wars pinball

    I genuinely hope cab features aren't locked to an arcade 1up unit. As a cab user asking for cab improvements for so long to get TPA'd again on a cabinet mode would be frustrating to say the least
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    Williams' Collection Volume 5 guesses

    For me peak hype was the picture with Gary Stern and Mel.
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    Digital Pinball Competitions

    I keep forgetting about these tournaments! I'll have to join this week
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    Stern Speculation

    I'll never say no to more tables, but that seems like a fast turn around (unless this is why originals were moved to 2020)
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    Vol 4 Flipper Physics Video

    I probably watched this video 30 times. Genuinely thank you for adding this. it looks incredible.
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    First Licensed FX3 Williams Speculation

    I for one appreciate the enthusiasm and recognize the sacrifice. I also want congo. To match this generous time donation I'll be dressing up as the shadow from the flop the shadow because of course, I'd like to see the shadow in pinball fx3. Edit They said the first licensed pin would be in...
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    First alphanumeric table speculation...

    RADICAL RADICAL RADICAL RADICAL RADICAL Also honorable mention for riverboat gambler for having the cringiest soundtrack but also fun gameplay.
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    First Numeric Table Speculation

    That's a good idea to drop a bulk pack of older tables once or twice a year since they wouldn't require nearly as many assets. But I think the best use of an older table would be the known quantity of the black knight 3 pack potentially being the first, it would contain a new stern, to pad the...
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    Williams' Collection Volume 4 guesses

    Any word in general on cab? Most notably the ability to set your own camera would be fantastic.
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    Williams' Collection Volume 4 guesses

    I'm pumped for whitewater and road show and hopeful that I'll like hurricane with the zen treatment.
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    Williams' Collection Volume 4 guesses

    Ooh well now I hope it's Jackbot but i wonder how edited down the console would have to be since it's all gambing thankfully not an issue on steam.
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    First Licensed FX3 Williams Speculation

    I 'd agree with a monster bash/cftbl pack being the first licensed table pack as it carries a licence but shouldn't break the bank plus still being highly requested tables. either way I can't wait for any and all tables!
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    What FX3 Tournament Settings Should Zen Add?

    6. Multiple table tourney - This would take some serious effort on Zen's part, to create the software to handle this. The idea is you pick say 4 tables, and there are leaderboards for each table. Points are scored on how where you place for each table, which ultimately creates the winner of the...
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    Williams' Collection Volume 4 guesses

    Anxiously waiting for new tables haha
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    Williams' Collection Volume 4 guesses

    I don't know when, but after the Gary Stern tease and the 7 weeks since volume 3 I'm dying for official information! And now that I've verbalized it publicly they'll drop some news any second now. I need new tables to keep me from learning the zen originals on stream haha
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    Will there ever be any more tables added to the Stern collection?

    There's a pretty clear rumor that zen will be working with Stern in the near future but until we get some sort of official announcement we're just patiently waiting.
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    BlahCade #172: Shifting Sands

    Lroy listen to the way back catalog on youtube at 1.5 speed you;ll be caught up in no time Jared as a pinhead I'm excited for every table that comes out. I just wish they'd announce the tables so I can get appropriately amped up.
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    Zen & Stern collaboration teaser?

    You gotta mix those with a heavy hitter, if there was a deadpool, high roller and grand prix guess what I'm excited to have those two. But as I've echoed on here, I want EVERYTHING all era's styles etc. But I really want to see Radical and riverboat gambler (off stern topic of course) and I...
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    Zen & Stern collaboration teaser?

    They've said publicly that they'd scale up the pinball division if demand required it. Im not worried about it, if done right it's a cash cow.

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