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    PC - Bug Steam has crashed

    If anybody still has this problem, try the following: [WARNING YOUR GAME FILES WILL BE ERASED!] Uninstall Steam completely. Redownload and install the client. Redownload "Pinball Arcade". (And all the other games that got erased through uninstalling...) It works! This is only a last resort...
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    Portrait Centering: Flippers or Playfield?

    Doesn't "No Good Go(l)fers" already have the view centered on the playfield in the portrait view on PC? Can't really say I like it, but it probably just takes some getting used to...
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    Bug PC Version 1.20.4 Bugs

    Here's a purchase bug: When you're in the trial version of any table that you don't own (for me that's all season 2 tables at the moment) and go to the pause menu, it offers you the option to "unlock". This opens a dialog that wants you to pay € 9,99 for the "remaining 4 tables". It doesn't go...
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    Request Stop selling two tables at the same time please

    huh? didn't you contradict yourself there? if you would pay twice for a "good table" then paying € 4,49 for that good table (and getting the "bad table" with it) is worth it, in your opinion, no?
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    Bug PC Version 1.20.4 Bugs

    1. Portrait cameras are still broken on Fun House. 2. High score initial entry on non-dmd tables is still hard-coded to xbox 360 trigger buttons, even when flippers have been re-mapped to other buttons
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    Table Pack #21 speculation

    That guy has experienced the kind of enthusiasm only Rollergames can elicit :cool:
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    Mip Mapping off

    same here: mip-mapping off is the way to go on Samsung Galaxy S2. Otherwise the top part of the playfield looks really blurry...
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    Live stream NOW of PS4 gameplay

    on whether the PS4 version has Vita remote play: badgerdeluxe: apparently it is something that we need to do. but its super easy, from what i've been told from other devs. i just need to convince a few people on PC DX11: badgerdeluxe: I've been given no ETA on the DX11 update, as of yet
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    Live stream NOW of PS4 gameplay

    badgerdeluxe (FarSight's Devin): We're going to hopefully stagger them the way that tables are released on other platforms, but obviously a bit behind. Similar to the way PS3 was releasing, if that makes sense. Edit: oh sorry, I misunderstood your question. I think they're only answering PS4...
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    Live stream NOW of PS4 gameplay

    Night mode looks absolutely stunning, but the ball is hard to see sometimes...
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    Live stream NOW of PS4 gameplay

    farsight_studios: Season 1 is available at launch.
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    Live stream NOW of PS4 gameplay

    And Mike Lindsey from FarSight is in the chat on the stream :D
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    What if TPA doesn't get more rights to Williams tables?

    And there is a table file for "Ace High" in the game's assets, so it's pretty likely it will come...
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    IGN PS4 and PC review of TPA

    Yes, this is very apparent and looks weird! As if the inserts are being lit from above, instead of coming from beneath through colored plastic...
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    Shoot The Magic DRUNK

    I always feel sorry for the poor guy that Arnold orders me to execute on T2: 'Fire at Will!'
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    Table Pack #20 speculation

    The season 2 pack description was probably written without thinking about the timing of the announcement / table reveal. It's not in the PC version yet...
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    My portrait mode setup for TPA (fake mini cab)

    You could use "flipped portrait" mode. (Nvidia control panel has it) Then the screens buttons would be at the top right, far away from your hands :rolleyes:
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    I supported TZ Kickstarter, will I get a discount on a season pack?

    are you sure this is possible? I thought it was only for people who had bought Season 2 tables before Season passes were announced. For me that means that I get credit for table packs 11-13.
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    exactly, it's one of the few shots, where you don't "GO FOR THE WAAAAALL"
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    Bug PC Version 1.19.6 Bugs

    It's by design... has been a flaw from Day 1 (of the original first mobile release).

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