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  1. Bonzo

    The Random Thought Thread

  2. Bonzo

    I lost my virginity yesterday and it felt ...... amazzziiinngggg !!!

    Gottliebs I Like to Flip, hehe...
  3. Bonzo

    BlahCade #24 - Stern Pinball Arcade Wild Speculation

    By far not as popular as the Python movies, but it definitely was in TV. Love it, may well be the best Cleese ever.
  4. Bonzo

    BlahCade #24 - Stern Pinball Arcade Wild Speculation

    The good ole blame-ze-German game, I see... ;P
  5. Bonzo

    Hey it's Stuzz!

    I once was fortunate to interview Devin for a metal fanzine that never came out. Around the time of the first Ocean Machine album. Really nice guy!
  6. Bonzo

    Hey it's Stuzz!

    Welcome to the fold.
  7. Bonzo

    Hi gang!

    Welcome to the fold.
  8. Bonzo

    July TotM Groupings and Results

    Dammit, something came up so I couldn't find the time to play :( I'll post the 5 steam keys the winner can chose from later today.
  9. Bonzo

    Nu Skool Breaks

    My quote wasn't meant that way. It's more like "no need for names, I don't care what you call it. If I like it, I like it." ;)
  10. Bonzo

    Nu Skool Breaks

    "R.I.P. genres" - Aleksander Vinter ;)
  11. Bonzo

    Nu Skool Breaks

    Nine minutes of a one hour mix. Weird, but I can't find the whole glorious 60 minutes. This mix is THE BOMB!
  12. Bonzo

    NBA Playoffs

  13. Bonzo

    Sign Up for May TotM link

    I'm in. :)
  14. Bonzo

    Hi all

    Welcome to the fold.
  15. Bonzo

    NBA Playoffs

    I'd never have thought I'd say that but I want the Spurs to win. Just to see Ballmer's head explode... ;)
  16. Bonzo

    Pinball Arcade Chat Room

    13 people in chat. and only a few of them just lurk. come in, the more the merrier!
  17. Bonzo

    BlahCade Podcast #17 - Big Nuts

    I love Big Shot. It's the quintessence of pinball.

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