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  1. Gorgias32

    Forum closure

    Thanks to Gord and to everyone who has posted, this forum has been unique in that it has stayed really focused and the discussion has been generally intelligent and positive, it's just a bunch of people who love pinball and want to learn and teach about it. I'm happy to have been part of it.
  2. Gorgias32

    Indiana Jones on Mobile: Buy or "Earn?"

    I would guess that after the initial "full purchase" sales drop off, they'll pull Indy into the "parts awards for daily challenges". It would make financial sense to do this because Zen have to make a lot of revenue from all the ad views involved in grinding. Most likely the only thing that...
  3. Gorgias32

    Zen does it again - “Zen Pinball Party” for Apple Arcade

    It is a real shame how everything stands right now IMO. Zen came out of the gate strong with the Williams tables, fumbled the mobile app but then recovered. But then silence for over a year, and now everything new is coming out exclusive to a platform I don't have access to. And I expect to have...
  4. Gorgias32

    Zaccaria Servers

    The high score integration is really good on Zaccaria, so I actually have missed it since the servers have been on the fritz (for at least the last six months) for Android. Having your target score to go to the next rank down in the lower left corner is a great motivation, it adds to the...
  5. Gorgias32

    Zaccaria Deluxe Tables

    Zaccaria has gotten so much better over the years, they are on a good trajectory. It used to be harder to aim, but over the last few years they have solved that, now my only complaint about gameplay (I play mostly on Android but a little bit on Steam) is that the slings are a little too...
  6. Gorgias32

    Zaccaria Servers

    I'm on Android and still getting this error.
  7. Gorgias32

    servers are under maintenance

    I have been getting this for quite a while now on Android - I'm not sure when it stopped working but it might be around the end of January.
  8. Gorgias32

    Promoting to grade 4

    My experience with the mobile app is colored by having been a user since the beginning - so in past play over time I have collected all the parts needed to get all the tables maxed out. Once that is the case then you start getting coins in daily challenges, so you can grind enough coins to avoid...
  9. Gorgias32

    Zen Studios acquired by Embracer Group

    After a bunch of excitement with table pack 6, yes there is basically nothing going on in digital pinball. I am back to TPA again, trying to wizard goal complete a bunch of tables on my new phone. They really captured the magic on some of their tables. Loving "Wild Card" right now. The...
  10. Gorgias32

    Zen Studios acquired by Embracer Group

    I feel like Zen was doing fantastically well prior to this from a QC and throughput standpoint, they were a really well run software team. I'm sure Zen's owners/investors are happy with the acquisition, but it doesn't necessarily mean good things for the product. Especially if it's true that the...
  11. Gorgias32

    Williams Pinball Volume 6

    For Space Station scoring, the multiball is definitely important, but I am finding that aiming for and trying to complete the standup bank on the left is pretty fruitful, they score I believe 20k each the first time and 10k after lit, and when you fill them up there's a chance to get a big...
  12. Gorgias32

    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

    Oo this is a great line of conjecture - maybe Farsight will get the license back!
  13. Gorgias32

    Williams Pinball Volume 6

    Same here, I have been back to playing TPA a lot. Ghostbusters, EBD, Paragon, F14. I agree that Diner is awesome too. I'm cautiously excited that Zen has been spending their time NOT developing new content for Williams for so long that we're going to get a re-energization of that platform very...
  14. Gorgias32

    Williams Pinball Volume 6 Pretty happy with this selection - breaks the glass on Alphanumerics, gives us two tables (Dr. Dude and Fun House) that were particularly bad/floaty in TPA, and for the first time with Space Station we get something NEW NEW NEW!!!!!
  15. Gorgias32

    When will the next Pinball Arcade table be released?

    It may be apocryphal, but I remember hearing that when the NHL went on strike in 2005 ESPN replaced the cancelled hockey games in the broadcast schedule with professional poker - which ended up getting higher ratings than the NHL games ever did, so they didn't bother bringing hockey back after...
  16. Gorgias32

    When will the next Pinball Arcade table be released?

    YouTube comments are on average pretty brutal on this so far, but based on the video it looks pretty decent to me. I'll definitely give it a shot. Seems like a good place for FarSight to go with their Pinball physics engine, and the production quality/polish looks good.
  17. Gorgias32

    Williams' Collection Volume 5 impressions

    I agree, Cloda does a great job on these videos. I learned quite a lot from the one on TotAN.
  18. Gorgias32

    Android Pinball Arcade - Unreleased Tables?

    That's a really good point. TPA was out on way too many platforms for the size of development shop FarSight was running. All that splintering ended up hurting quality across the board. It's interesting to wonder if things would've ended differently if they had just focused on say Steam and...
  19. Gorgias32

    Android Pinball Arcade - Unreleased Tables?

    There was a lot of buzz a few years back about Pinball Magic... everybody thought it was a done deal. Would love to have seen any of those tables come into the app. The other one that they were close to doing was Embryon - there was a poll to choose if people wanted Embryon or Paragon, and...
  20. Gorgias32

    Williams Pinball App Discussion

    I agree, the one-ball challenges are the best for maximizing time. I agree that Party Zone 1-ball challenge is really quick and easy. Other challenges I find to be quick and reliable: - Champion Pub one-ball (1M skill shot, left flipper up into the lock, then another 1M skill shot if you need...

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