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    Official Announcement.

    You don't have them for life. They will not be available on next generation systems like PS 5 etc.
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    Official Announcement.

    This is a bunch of bull****! First, no more monthly tables and now no more pinball as Ball/Williams are the tables I want most. Nobody else makes tables so why the hell would they lose money on the only company making tables? Really pissed off over this!!!!
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    Long Startup Delay

    My PS4 seems to lag with Wi-Fi pretty often. I go under the PS4 Settings and under Network, I test internet connection and after it runs, then I open the app or game I want to use. I have to do this often, even to view the store. So test net connection and see if that helps.
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    Patch 1.23 NA and 1.24 EU

    Centaur often has a score of 0 after a game.
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    SPA Patch 1.04

    When will Big Buck Hunter and Whoe Nellie be out?
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    Norm Left Farsight & No Table Hint

    Any idea when there will be the next table?
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    No more monthly table releases...

    It's not okay for me. It pisses me off! Getting a table every month was one of the rare enjoyments in this effing life. I grew out of the other video games and only get a rare Zen itch. Don't watch the damn boob tube TV with its brainwashing programming, TPA is basically my only form of...
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    Bug PS4 (NA) Version 1.24 Master Bugs List (Updated Up To Banzai Run)

    Not sure if it was mentioned, but on Pistol Poker on the Standard Goals, the skill shot will not register.
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    Hardware Recommendations (Best TPA platforms, devices, tablets, etc)

    With the TPA not monthly anymore, and with Tom doing a great job, The PS4 version is good again.
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    Season 7 Reflection and Rankings

    Both EM's were fun and have higher replay value than most EM's. Fathom is one of the best pins ever. I hate Paragon, people wanted this? Firepower 2 was weaker than expected, could have lived without it. Ghostbusters, too advanced or something. Rules seem screwy.
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    It’s the end of seasons on the pinball arcade

    I never got the last 2 newsletters and I'm just hearing about this crap today and I'm devastated. TPA is all I do anymore. And this was my first season of PC so getting a table every month is still new for me. This totally sucks. Since there is no seasons I hope we'll still get 2 EM games per...
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    Patch 1.21 NA and 1.22 EU

    It "freezes" once in awhile but always works while waiting a little bit.
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    Patch 1.21 NA and 1.22 EU

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    Bug PS4 (NA) Version 1.24 Master Bugs List (Updated Up To Banzai Run)

    Black Knight music often quit after playing awhile. One soundtrack keeps playing but the score after the ball drains and sword bonus is gone.
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    ETA on Pistol Poker getting it's own PSN store page?

    Speaking of PP, the skill shot under Standard Goals won't work.
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    Patch 1.21 NA and 1.22 EU

    Lights on Fathom look good on the 3 bumpers. Before they were really bright.
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    Patch 1.21 NA and 1.22 EU

    Just got update but didn't restore my old hi scores, At least it remembers my new hi scores.
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    Stern Tables for 2018 ???

    I want games, any games right now.
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    Patch 1.20 NA and 1.21 EU

    Swords of Fury ditto on backglass. On Circus the 2nd lightbulb is blown out from the left flipper and drives me nuts.
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    Patch 1.20 NA and 1.21 EU

    Well said! I appreciate Tom coming to the forum and it takes time to get a all the bugs worked out of the mess that was there.

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