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    You can own ONLY 1 TABLE !!! Which one ???

    Going for the big lebowski.
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    A new app on the way from Stern and Farsight

    This is the best virtual pinball news ever. But i have some doubts... Every pin is welcome offcourse. But i just cant believe we will get ac dc,met, twd, star trek, the premiums.. I cant believe that. Cause it would be so awesome i would not sleep for a month and die.
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    Farsight pushing it

    Its like they put the pins which sold very bad in the tournies. Shamefull policy.
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    Stern Music tables, would you buy and at what price?

    Ac dc premium? Yes please! I go to 50 euro for that 1.
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    *NITPICK WARNING!* Zen Pinball - why?

    Their free pin is stlll by far the best they have. Wish they would had more of these sort.
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    TAF is up

    I just updated and played my first game, and got to say, honoustly.... WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, AWESOME! One minor problem, just noticed my ios account is empty, so, have to buy a card tomorrow. But man.... It looks great, and first impression, only one free game though...
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    TAF is up

    Ok, cheers.
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    TAF is up

    What ios version is the correct one? 4.5.0?
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    TAF is up

    I will wait until i am sure it is save to update. On ipad air 1.
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    The Addams Family Kickstarter is LIVE

    Its been februari for more then 24 hours now.... Haha ;-). Bring it on! SHOWTIME !!
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    Starship Troopers Thread

    This game..... Is so close of being awesome. Only the sound makes it non triple a to me. Could use some more adjustments but overall gameplay is fun.
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    iOS - Bug 4.4.0 Crashes on plunge, many tables

    Hope they gonne fix this mess soon. Game is totaly wrecked and unplayable. And no, i am not gonne delete the whole app and reinstall again.
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    iOS - Bug TPA 4.3.1 #1 for iOS

    Ipad air 1. Game unplayable after ss update. Pin stays in plunge mode. Cams dont work. And after a few times hitting the ball i get tilt when i try to flip. All tables.....
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    Stern's next game...Wrestlemania

    Worst theme ever.
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    My Pinball Arcade Cabinet (iPinCade)

    Anybody in Holland who made this? I would like to know what pinballbuttons i have to order and where. And other stuff if needed.
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    My Pinball Arcade Cabinet (iPinCade)

    How do you connect the gamepad with that rainbow cable and pinballbuttons? Looking good. Do you think this is possible with the steel series mobile gamepad?
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    Best Table of Season 3

    Only fish tales i like. The rest i did not buy.
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    iOS version 4.1.0 #3 (Phantom Of The Opera) Discussion & Feedback

    I cant start the app anymore since this update. On ipad air. When i click on it screen turns and back, goes black and back to home screen. All in a second.

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