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    Williams' Collection Volume 7 guesses

    didn't work for TPA - but might as well try again here CONGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Williams Pinball Volume 6

    agreed about the leveling up - disappointing reward for sure I have been grinding while binge watching throughout the pandemic currently at 4,141 coins and 220,320 tickets - up from almost nothing after the last pack purchase - its been way tooooooo loooooooonnnnggggg I have now switched to...
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    PS4 version?

    the remake pack said it included combat, circus, and stars phoenix - it does not you have to get the remake starter pack as well I was an early supporter of zacc when it released on iOS first way back when and sadly they did not continue development on that platform - and apparently it crashes...
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    PS4 version?

    zacc base game free with one table with no scoring limitation (space shuttle) deluxe pack 1 (4.99) - Red Show Deluxe - Cine Star Deluxe - Spooky Deluxe zombie invasion (2.99) campaign mode (2.99) hope the rest of the packs arrive soon.
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    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

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    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

    what platform is the session? twitch? YouTube? can't find it
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    What Are Your Guesses For Zen's Next 10 Years?

    I am hoping for more PSVR pinball - Star Wars, Marvel, and of course Williams. with the pandemic going to my local barcade and playing real machines is not an option - being able to play in VR would be a safe substitute. (fortunately I am sheltering in place with my stern Star Wars premium)
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    Zaccaria Pinball on iPad Problem

    I have an iPad Air and iPad Pro both latest OS- and zacc app crashes after launch on both
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    Volume 4 out on iOS

    well dammit, the volume 4 option is NOT in the in-app store and I spent $10 on zen coins to unlock WH2O to 2 stars... so I could begin all 3 challenges to unlock parts. the grinding is out of control - not feasible and not fun.
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    Williams Pinball App Discussion

    On iOS it’s 50 table parts and 3000 tickets to unlock the 3rd star, I am not looking forward to finding out what the 4 star requirement is. Leveling up only gives out 1 zen coin. I have the purchase outright option counting down and I have to make a decision. Gotta say the grinding is no...
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    Pinball bycicle :)

    Cool kid
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    kind of hoping they would have extended the tournament because of the server glitch, wasn't even able to participate .
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    Williams Pinball App Discussion

    Ha me too! I mean what’s the point. Play for fun? Looking forward to the next table pack.
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    BlahCade #163: Not down with IAP (yeah you know me)

    4th challenge only gives tickets on the 3 reward loot boxes (progressively more with 5/10/15 stars) and cost 100 zen coins to unlock. I did it mainly for the chance to get table parts with the "paid" loot box which cost 3 zen coins each time- it mostly gave out table parts, sometimes ball...
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    BlahCade #163: Not down with IAP (yeah you know me)

    Yes iOS Played all 4 challenges every day
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    BlahCade #163: Not down with IAP (yeah you know me)

    I just unlocked all 7 tables (4 star/owned) tonight - it took me 12 days just playing the daily challenges (no refresh) I ended up level 25, 22,900 tickets, and 208 zen coins left over. Enjoyed the challenge, didn't pay a cent (unless ignoring ads counts lol)
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    Demon's Tilt

    just happy that there is a steam pinball game available for mac - going to buy it just for that - thank you developers!
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    Williams Pinball App Discussion

    I was with you when I started the beta - I avoid all forms of microtransactions and was concerned that this was going to suck. A while back I bought phone holder attachments for bikes so my son and I could bike around town catching pokemon (bonding experience only - i hate pokemon go). I ended...
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    What FX3 Tournament Settings Should Zen Add?

    I have been in a lot of pin-golf tournaments with both scores and "activate a feature" as goals (even mixed in the same tournament). some of the goals off the top of my head lock a ball in banzai run reach warp nine in star trek start a particular mission in simpsons pinball party lots of start...
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    Official Williams Volume 2 news

    in the tpa version i was able to escape the shark on mobile by tapping the screen with all 8 digits - haven't been able to do it once once using the ps4 controller on playstation pinball fx3