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    Logged out and can't log back in.

    I couldn't participate in the tournament because TPA said I was disconnected from the network. I tried waiting and also relaunching the game and then waiting, but it made no difference. I then logged out. When I tried to log back in, it said my email address was invalid. I checked the Pinball...
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    PC - Bug Score rollover does not trigger on Wizard Goal

    200,000 ? Just when I thought I was done with this table ! It's hard not to flap at the ball trying to get it into the centre hole. That frequently results in a ricochet down the outlanes when it bounces off the star posts at the edge of the centre loop.
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    PC - Bug Score shows 30 instead of 0 just before the game starts

    I don't know if it has any influence on anything, or it's just visually distracting, but the score always says 30 just before the table starts.
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    PC - Bug Score rollover does not trigger on Wizard Goal

    When the score goes above 100,000, I assumed it would trigger the 'score roll-over' wizard goal, but it doesn't.
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    Bug Ball gets stuck in lock hole, right after plunge. IOS.

    I had the same thing just now in the Steam Version. It happened in three consecutive games. The score just kept going up in increments of 50,000 and I couldn't call the attendant because it said the ball wasn't stuck.
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    DX11 Public Beta Bugs

    While in the main menu of the game in Landscape mode, clicking 'Exit Game' had no effect. I was forced to invoke the Task Manager to shut the game down. I'm not sure if that's a DX11 issue though. I normally play in portrait, so I can't say if it's unusual. At the same time, the menu screen...

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