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    Sale speculation thread

    Pinball FX - Williams Pinball Collection 1 is currently 33% on the Sony Playstation Store. Offer ends 13/4/2023 03:59 AM ADT -- I think that means 1 minute before midnight on April 12th UTC Edit: there are more packs on sale at 33% off; Williams Collection 2 Universal Monsters Pack Jurassic...
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    My Hot Take on the new monetization (It's gotten Worse)

    Does anyone know whether PS4 and PS5 are also considered cross-platform? Note: not talking about FX3, but Pinball FX on both platforms and for the same PSN account. I only have a PS4 at the time, so I need to decide whether to buy any tables for PS4 or wait until I have a PS5.
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    Multiple FX Pinball announcements today, plus first looks!

    Still here, so on today's Pinball Show (aside from some table, Epic Store and Apple news); yeah we're still talking to Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo, no news to share. If you're in early access or play Apple, you might want to watch it. If you're a console player, meh.
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    Forum closure

    Yes, thank you all who are and were involved to make this forum happen. Maybe when Pinball FX becomes a smash hit, a forum like this will open again. I remember the good old days when Farsight released a new pack regularly and everybody was jumping on it and talking about it. Those were the...
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    Pinball Madness - Banning Ca

    Here we go: More background:
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    Farsight support

    I did purchase through the game, but IIRC, it would send you to the Playstation Store. I can kick myself now, I did that because I somehow thought FS would get a bigger cut of the revenue that way... a bit like a sponsored link. Can we test this by disconnecting the PS3 / VITA from the Internet...
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    Pinball Arcade and Stern Arcade PS4 running on the PS5

    Thanks for checking dlbb. I own all the tables as well (albeit regular) and would love to move over to PS5 at some point (double the storage, smaller and more traditional form factor, etc.) instead of having to keep both in the living room.
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    Pinball FX (4) is EPIC Exclusive and Unreal Engine

    I don't have a PS5 yet (waiting for slightly improved hardware with twice the internal storage) but that would be the platform for me initially. PC can wait until the Steam release is ready. But that is also only if FX supports 4k and extended colour gamut/HDR (in the sense that the artwork is...
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    Pinball FX (4)

    Here's an obvious idea. Have Pinball Fx (rated E) and Pinball Fx M (Rated M). Other than the rating, they are the exact same except Fx M uses different DLC, only where applicable. Maybe 'M' can even be free with purchase of the regular version. It's only so your parental controls work (so...
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    Zen Studios acquired by Embracer Group

    I wouldn't mind rebuying the tables on PS5 as long as they are noticeably improved over the PS4 versions. A discount would be nice, though. Wouldn't hurt Zen too much as you can also just wait for a sale and that way Zen has cash in the bank right away.
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    Promoting to grade 4

    Not exactly sure what this is all about, but yeah, I buy tables on PS4, Steam (PC) and Switch, and those I can just play without any issues. This is how it should be. Any of this weirdness in Pinball FX on console/handheld/PC and Zen can count me out. I'm not a cash cow that you can keep milking...
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    The Pinball Show

    Maybe they will let you download everything for free but make you pay per "credit" (like real pinball machines generate profit) just like other games have in-game currency. So you'd have to buy packs of 50, 100, 250, 1000, etc. "credits" with a lower per-credit price based on the pack size...
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    Pinball FX (4)

    I'm not so hyper about the Battle Royale etc. It's a lot like Super Mario Bros. 35 on the Switch; very frustrating when other people interfere in a negative way with your gameplay. Some may like this though, but for the people that just want a pinball simulator for casual play the show didn't...
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    Zen Studios acquired by Embracer Group

    Same here; no room for a pac-man or galaga cab let alone for a big pinball one. Maybe Farsight will re-evaluate the competitive situation and decide if we can't spend our money on PFX3 DLC, maybe they can take possession of our dollars.
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! May 2021 bring you shiny balls, hit all your targets and no straight-down-the-middles!
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    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

    Not sure if this was mentioned yet, but there was an update out for the PS4 that adds the new table pack with "COMING SOON" on the table icons.
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    Any way to obtain delisted tables?

    Maybe you can put an ad out that you're looking to take over someone else's PSN account who has all these tables but is no longer interested in playing on console. There are probably some risks attached to that, so it depends on how determined you are.
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    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

    So we may be looking at a 2nd wave of COVID-19 and may be looking at staying at home as much as possible again. It would be very nice if Zen can finish up and release Vol. 6 before that happens so we have something new to play while at home. Meanwhile they'll have some cold hard cash coming in...
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    Best VPX Tables?

    I tried to install VPX today and to my utter astonishment there's no built-in support for any game controllers (not even ubiquitous ones like Xbox 360/One, Dualshock 3/4, etc.) even though since at least the Pinball Hall of Fame era people have been playing Pinball games with controllers. Is...
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    Williams' Collection Volume 6 guesses

    Ditto and thank you Zen! We've been asking for something that wasn't in TPA before and there it is! Can't wait to play it.

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