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  1. Deltaechoe

    Pinball Arcade Chat Room

    I came here to see if this thread was still being bumped
  2. Deltaechoe

    Pinball Arcade Chat Room

    Post to show the chatroom I still exist
  3. Deltaechoe

    Accuracy STTNG?

    Most of the older tables tend to feel a bit "loose", if you will, seasons 3 and on have gotten considerably better though
  4. Deltaechoe

    DX11 Public Beta Now Available

    Since no one has mentioned it yet, pressing Alt + Enter toggles fullscreen mode and it definitely works on the dx11 beta
  5. Deltaechoe

    timeframe on dx11

    Welp, TAF has been released so now we see if DX11 does come out in a couple weeks or if HL3 will come out first >.>
  6. Deltaechoe

    timeframe on dx11

    As someone who has worked in this industry, the people you mention are often worse with timetables. General rule of thumb for software development timetables, they are inaccurate nearly always, so wait until you hear of release candidates before getting optimistic
  7. Deltaechoe

    Going to the Seattle Pinball Museum next week!

    So they had some tables that I was dying to play like black hole (only managed 800k) WOZ and Star Trek LE Played every table that they had on and even my GF who I dragged along actually had fun playing pinball also. Spent 6 hours in there playing pinball. So to all you pinheads, if you ever...
  8. Deltaechoe

    Going to the Seattle Pinball Museum next week!

    So excited, my GF wanted to go on vacation up in seattle for a couple days and agreed that we can go to the pinball museum! Really looking forward to playing on tables that are well maintained!
  9. Deltaechoe

    TPA Streaming Thread

    Well after 6 months of really crappy internet, I finally got equipment back up to start playing again, I may be streaming again soon
  10. Deltaechoe

    Request Roadmap

    Still the point is valid, with the fact that Farsight functions on very limited resources, they don't even know when certain things are going to get done first. Various features that have been talked about take varying degrees of development time and resources may be shifted to different parts...
  11. Deltaechoe

    Request Roadmap

    A roadmap isn't going to happen like you want it to, Farsight is just too small of a company to be able to concretely promise times. Software development is one of the stickiest things to give predictions on and with the limited resources that Farsight has it would be a bad idea to just give out...
  12. Deltaechoe

    "Old" physics still used on PC TPA?

    From what I understand farsight did a whole overhaul on the engine for PS4 to make it look and feel "next-gen", the same is probably going to happen for the xbox one and now that that is just about ready PC is bound to follow
  13. Deltaechoe

    How some people can achieve such ridiculous scores?

    Rob's scores are obviously not legit on big shot which pulls all his other scores into question
  14. Deltaechoe

    PC v1.25.10 Bugs

    Bug - General Title - Game ceases responding after minimizing OS - Windows 7 SP1 GPU - Nvidia GTX Titan Memory - 16 GB Version - latest release as of this posting Display Mode - full screen Display resolution - 1080p Frequency - 100% and reproducible under my current system configuration When...
  15. Deltaechoe

    High Speed impressions

    Great table with lots of bricks XD
  16. Deltaechoe


    Maybe they could do something like Boggle ball, but I would only like to see one of the really old mechanical tables as a "bonus" table being released alongside a more standard table
  17. Deltaechoe

    First Impressions

    Definitely one of my favorite tables in TPA, one of the ones that I keep coming back to, thanks farsight for bringing one of my favorite tables to TPA
  18. Deltaechoe

    timeframe on dx11

    You guys need to chill your knickers a bit, remember you are still getting what amounts to the best virtual simulation of real tables around. DX11 lighting will come and, to the guy who said it, even as a joke, that class action lawsuit comment was in poor taste.
  19. Deltaechoe

    What's the shot you can only hit when you don't want it?

    Stretch the truth in fish tales, I hit that spinner all day until a fish is caught...
  20. Deltaechoe

    I wonder if the new generation likes oldschool pinball tables

    I'm in my mid twenties and central park is one of my most played machines, so at least some of us like older pinball

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