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  1. Mad07

    IN-app doesn't work? (Android)

    About a movement from one town into another, I've a little bit late to but the Deluxe Paket2. Uncomfortable a) the server are down and b) the payment action is rejecting all time. I've delete the PayPal account and renewed, add a new credit card on the Google account, put Prepaid money on the...
  2. Mad07

    Arcarde Pinball: Only all 100 Table if Sternpinball also available

    Arcarde Pinball give me only my 100 Table if Sternpinball is also on the device with one Login. Uncomfortable Sternpinball is for my device OS Andrpid 11 no more available. Is there a chance, that Arcarde Pinball doesn't need Sternpinball anymore to let me select all tables?
  3. Mad07

    Ghostbusters reaaaaaaaaaaally slow on my tablet...

    Try to change the power consumption settings, so that the Tablet can use the power for the game.
  4. Mad07

    Android - Request Save tables to external SD card

    It's only possible if you've root your device and make some changes on a system file
  5. Mad07

    Safecracker Tokens?

    On total I've collect 139 token, but used 2 of them for the Spec. Multiball. So at the end after 139 token I've the full collection (incl. the 2 which I've used )
  6. Mad07

    Safecracker Tokens?

    After collect 137 token, the collection is complete. So rhe goal could be reached
  7. Mad07

    Zaccaria Pinball - Nautilus (1977) Bugs & Feedback

    Upps, I haven't see this thread. I have report an misbehavior under
  8. Mad07

    Zaccaria Pinball - update v3.8 : Ball often behind upper rail :: Table Nautilus

    This behavior is happen a lot of time ( last game I have 2 balls behind the rail ) : If you shoot the ball up, through the bumper, the ball runs very often behind the upper, half circuit rail and does not come out. A call to the attendant release a new ball, but this ball No. is lost. Btw...
  9. Mad07

    Zaccaria Pinball - (MEGA) update v3.4.2 [iOS/Android]

    Could it be possible, tha in the new gui for the grafic setting the DEFAULT button doesn't work? I've change e.g. the % value for metallic FX. A presson default doesn't changed the value back to 50%
  10. Mad07

    Zaccaria Pinball - (MEGA) update v3.4.2 [iOS/Android]

    BUG? Does I'm right, that the google play Goal for an extraball/bonusball is still not given?
  11. Mad07

    Zaccaria Pinball - (MEGA) update v3.4.2 [iOS/Android]

    There is a Grafik bug around the flippers in table moon flight please have a look (it looks like missing transparent/like a shadow)
  12. Mad07

    Bug Announced table are not free - bug in Apk or in description ?

    Today I've install TPA on a Tap from my friend. The description on Google play showes following: It's sound so, that all 4 table now for free. Arabian Nightsa is available under "My Table". All other 3 table can only download and played in Demo Mode. Is there a bug in thre description from...
  13. Mad07

    Zaccharia for Android: Initial Release Discussion

    Does. someone has an idea, at which time the GPS bug is fixed, that an extraball is not saved as reached goal in GPS?
  14. Mad07

    Bonusball/ Extraball goal not given in GPS

    Also after some updates in the meantime of the App : the goal isn't tagged as reached in GPS :(
  15. Mad07

    Zaccharia for Android: Initial Release Discussion

    could it be possible, that in the latest update the HC list doesn't work anymore? Wifi connection is ok; highest score on table is 525k from my side. After update I reached over the double one 1.xx Million. The HC was not updated :(
  16. Mad07

    [ANDROID] Zaccaria Pinball update v1.03

    in this version, at the start of every new loaded table the hint of time bonus ball is visible and must be kick away via OK. After that, also the hint of bonus time ball is written at the button. Is there a possibility to disable the text at every start of a new loaded table?
  17. Mad07

    [ANDROID] Zaccaria Pinball update v1.03

    Table Time machine : the left small flipper ( ball saver at the outlane) doesn't work
  18. Mad07

    [ANDROID] Zaccaria Pinball update v1.03

    2 questions : 1) which table has a multiball? (to reach the Google goal/ I haven't see this one) 2) If the ball served on the plunger, the screen "tick" /jump. Also if the ball kick into the game, on some table the cam jump to the wall glad. Seen mostly with Cam2. Are this issues somewhere...
  19. Mad07

    Bonusball/ Extraball goal not given in GPS

    I've played Strike and hit in 2 different games "Bonusball" Both of them are from the left side. The Google goal was not given. Then I try another table, this time "House of Diamond" : Extraball earned, the game let the ball counter for this ball on 2. After game I check the Google goals ...

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