1. Sharpin announce upcoming free digital pinball game, Space Commander

    Sharpin announce upcoming free digital pinball game, Space Commander

    Digital pinball cabinet maker, Sharpin, are launching their first digital pinball game. The game will not only be playable on the Sharpin devices but also on Android and iOS devices too. Founder of Sharpin, Michael Gruber, told us that "I've been selling pinball machines for a few years now and...
  2. G

    Arcooda/Highway Survey

    Got a survey link emailed from an Arcooda email address. First part was "how do you like the software, which one did you purchase" which shows lack of preparation, as they know precisely which software each customer purchased. Second part was "what other pinball/arcade stuff do you own". Last...
  3. GAH1068

    Cabinet Angles?

    I know this is being disucssed in the other thread. Has anyone got any answers from Farsight or Arcooda about the cabinet view differences. I was lucky enough to get the first Cabinet mode version and I could swear the camera views that I had were all 4 cabinet views just like the Arcooda...
  4. Cabinet Mode for TPA via Arcooda Software

    Cabinet Mode for TPA via Arcooda Software

    FarSight has been working on custom software with Arcooda, makers of video pinball cabinets. This is the cabinet mode many have been clamoring for, but it's no mere camera angle port. Unfortunately the announcement of the loss of the WMS license has put a huge kink in Arcooda's plans, mainly...
  5. D

    DMD on second screen solved....(kind of)

    Hi all, I've got a homemade cabinet and thought with the ability to stretch windows over multiple screens, I'll use the Nvidia control panel and placed my second screen above the first, then just stretch the window to my backglass monitor. Crude, but effective. Maybe somebody has a better idea?
  6. weirdproq

    Farsight developing a coin operated Virtuapin of Pinball Arcade?

    Heard this from Pinball Magazine's website, but don't remember hearing about it anywhere before: (scroll to number 15)
  7. Hackcell

    Pinball cabinets

    Hello, My TZ cabinet is seriously damaged and I need to replace it. Has anyone used the "" so I can get some feedback? Otherwise my other option is wood Thanks in advance.
  8. Peter NYC

    Do You Own A Virtual Pinball Cabinet?

    Just wondering how many people here have their own virtual pinball cabinet. For those unfamiliar with what one is, it is a PC based system usually with multiple screens mounted inside of a real pinball cabinet.
  9. R

    ios users checkout this great idea for an ipad pinball cabinet.

    ion audio are the people that brought the iCade from an April Fools Day joke to a Reality. Lets blow up this forum to show them that there is a fanbase for this so the iCade Pinball Cabinet may become a great accessory for iPad owners and a great compliment for the Pinball Arcade Series on the...

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