Gottlieb (formerly D. Gottlieb & Co.) was an American pinball and arcade game corporation based in Chicago, Illinois.
  1. Zacattack99

    Williams and Bally are overrated

    Thinking about the current situation, the time it took to realize this and looking at Williams and Bally’s time in the industry compared to Gottlieb and Stern, I came to this realization: despite being legendary and cherished, the number of tables being omitted really says that the two brands...
  2. Zacattack99

    Williams/Bally omission post-mortem. My Picks revised.

    Like I said about the end of Season 7, don’t loose hope. I don’t have that much to say outside of “hope”. It’s not like they discontinued the game itself or something, let’s try to cope with another 60 from the other 3. I re-did this poll so the last poll’s results won’t count.
  3. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 122: A Very Herculean Festivus A quick movie synopsis from Chris leads us into a deep dive into the newest tables released by Zen Studios. Then Chris shares his thoughts on playing Zen on iOS. Finally, Jared talks about the new old pinball he...
  4. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 105: Touch My Glow Balls We finally have some digital pinball to talk about! Well, Jared does. Chris has yet to play the Wipeout beta on Steam. We also talk about some new ball packs in TPA that are actually worth buying. You also get to hear...
  5. S

    Request "Super Mario Bros" and "Super Mario Bros Mushroom World" Minus the Nintendo License

    "Super Mario Bros" and "Super Mario Bros Mushroom World" Minus the Nintendo License I know "Super Mario Bros" and "Super Mario Bros Mushroom World" is out of the question but I have a suggestion. Instead of Mario, what if we had an original theme that can replace the Mario License. You know...
  6. weirdproq

    Best of the Rest: Gottlieb DMD's (select two)

    Pick two Gottlieb DMD tables you most want to see in TPA. My choices are Stargate and Shaq Attack. I'd say that World Challenge Soccer is the only table that I would not want to see in TPA. Seems like not that fun of a table. Other than that the other tables seem good. (P.S. The two Mario games...
  7. weirdproq

    Favorite Gottlieb EM

    What is your favorite Gottlieb EM so far? Mine is El Dorado, since it is a fun and easy to pick up and play game. I haven't played much of Jacks Open, because I haven't bought the season yet, but that is at least a close second for me.
  8. weirdproq

    Favorite Priemer/Gottlieb DMD table

    What is your favorite Gottlieb/Premier DMD table so far? Mine would be Big Hurt. It has a great flow, and the sound is great. I can't get enough of that cheesy anouncer praising Frank Thomas. :p
  9. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 80: Take the Challenge, Brave One (Shout Engine) (iTunes) This DLC contains the following new features: news on Farsight table releases news on Zen Studios table releases...
  10. EldarOfSuburbia

    Favorite Premier/Gottlieb Table In TPA

    The Premier/Gottlieb tables in TPA get a huge bashing. From Cue Ball Wizard to TX-Sector, they're almost universally lambasted with endless amounts of scorn poured over them. Surely though, there's a silver lining somewhere? A diamond in the rough? A secret favorite? I was playing Tee'd Off...
  11. S

    One more Gottlieb: Waterworld!

    I used to spend hours at our local community center pumping quarters into their Waterworld table! One of my favorites, and I have never seen it emulated once in Visual Pinball, Future Pinball, or any of the Pinsims I've tried, and I would REALLY like to see this piece of my childhood in this...
  12. WesReviews

    Monte Carlo (Gottlieb Premier 1987)

    Need advice, gang... I don't currently own an actual pinball table in real life, but I have always wanted to. Someone local has offered to sell me this table for $600 (I may be able to coerce them to go a little less, if I pay in cash). From pictures, it looks to be in great shape and I've...
  13. WesReviews

    Tag-Team Pinball (1985) Gottlieb

    Since WWF Royal Rumble is likely a much more difficult license to obtain, would you guys settle for Gottlieb's Tag-Team Pinball from 1985? Would definitely bring a different/unique theme to the Pinball Arcade. Would anyone else like to see this one included in Season 3 or 4? I think this one...

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