1. Zacattack99

    WMS table preservation KickStarter

    One Idea I had going around was to have a KickStarter campaign to insure those 61 Williams and Bally machines will not leave. My question is will you pledge to keep those 61 tables intact? If so, how much?
  2. VincentVegas

    Doctor Who tables through Kickstarter, how do I get them?

    I pledged for the Doctor Who tables on Kickstarter and finally got my two activation codes. By entering them, "trial versions" got downloaded with only 100k each. How can I download the tables themselves? I cannot see them in the store and they are not in my Pinball Arcade. Regards Thomas
  3. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 103: Focus! Have you ever played a Woodrail pinball and wondered why anyone in the day wanted to? Chris talks about his experience playing two older EMs and how gameplay has changed (for the better) over the years. We then discuss how your...
  4. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 56: Stern Pinball App, or Rollercoaster Kickstarter?

    See for show notes (there's a lot of them), links, and timings. It's a huge episode.
  5. jaredmorgs

    BlahCade 41: Zen Studios Star Wars Tables

    LinksStream/Download/RSS: iTunes: T-shirts: SummaryThere is so much...
  6. W

    Purchasing TAF Gold

    Now that "The Addams Family" has been out a while, is there going to be a way for non kickstarter contributors to purchase the gold version?
  7. spoonman

    Kickstarter hacked...

    I know this happened a few days ago, but I just now received this email from Amazon/Kickstarter
  8. StarDust4Ever

    How do I view the credits?

    I am a Kickstarter backer and can't seem to find the option to view the table "credits" since it was promised that our names would appear in there. I am a "Bronze" backer and for some reason it dawned on my that I've never seen the credits and I simply want to be able to see my name onscreen. Is...
  9. Canadian365

    iOS - Request IOS KICKSTARTER CREDIT Request change

    Just a minor request, which may have been asked for already. I know on the Ipad if you keep touching the screen, the credits will scroll faster, I don't think the PS3 has a similar function to speed them up. Is there anyway that credits could be double columned instead of one very, very long...
  10. Sean DonCarlos

    High Anxiety Society

    While I hope the T2 kickstarter will succeed, and have every reason to believe it will despite that a**hole faux $9500 backer toying with our emotions, is anyone else going to be really, really happy to resume a normal life when this is over?
  11. Canadian365

    Kickstarter TZ & STTNG Wallpapers, anyone received them yet?

    At $20 STTNG Kickstarter level and up! "Get the Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball table on any two platforms of your choice, PLUS an exclusive Star Trek: The Next Generation Pinball wallpaper for the device of your choice." At $50 TZ Kickstarter level and up! "Everything above PLUS an...
  12. M

    Pro Pinball®: Revived & Remastered

    Good news for pinball fans: Pro Pinball got a Kickstarter project. Check it out here.
  13. jaredmorgs

    [Kickstarter] What's a fair price to ask non-kickstarter punters for ST:TNG and TZ?

    The ST:TNG and TZ tables surely won't be limited to the people who contributed to the Kickstarter only. Farsight will offer these tables to punters who couldn't (or simply didn't want to) pony up any cash in the kickstarter pledge initially. While pricing tables is an internal concern/at the...
  14. A

    Request Voting for monthly DLC and Kickstarter for acquiring difficult licenses...

    I've been thinking about how Farsight will be handling future DLC, and I understand that they've probably already planned out the next 6 months or so of future DLC tables. However, since Farsight isn't your typical developer, and they offer a fairly niche product to a such a diehard dedicated...

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