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  1. Massive new pinball arcade, with 350 pinball machines, coming to Ohio

    Massive new pinball arcade, with 350 pinball machines, coming to Ohio

    If you're near Ohio, you may be interested in a new pinball arcade opening up in Girard. The arcade is owned by local business man, Rob Berk, who has been collecting pinball machines for 50 years. “I’m getting older and older and yet I don’t have anywhere to play these games and appreciate...
  2. Sean DonCarlos

    The Power Returns...

    It's been nearly four years. It's time the Power comes back for another round. More tales of victory, vengeance, and woe from league play (once league starts up again on 9/12); more machine photography; and more real pinball in general. Less musings on moderation (I don't do much of that...
  3. Pinballwiz45b

    ReplayFX 2017: More Scores!

    Let's get right to it. Pictures: Dialed In: The first game I aimed for, and it's such a blast to play! I sucked at it, but it didn't stop me from enjoying it! Scored 130,370 after getting one multiball...
  4. M

    Was nudging always considered part of the game?

    Just curious as to whether nudging was considered 'foul play' once upon a time, or was always considered a legitimate technique? How early were tilt sensors added to machines? Thanks.
  5. F

    D & D Pinball in Tucson, AZ

    Website: Facebook: Location: 331 E 7th St, Tucson AZ Great place. If you're in elsewhere in AZ, this is worth the drive. Or if you're passing through, this is a very short side-trip off I-10. Unfortunately, hours are limited on...
  6. Sean DonCarlos

    Ashes to Ashes

    In many of my previous posts, I've mentioned the Third Rail Bar & Grill in Pacific, MO. The Third Rail hosted the league I've played in for a couple of seasons now, had the most immaculately-maintained collection of new Stern LE machines I've ever seen or heard tell of, and was kind of your...
  7. Sean DonCarlos

    I Don't Think We're in Kansas Anymore

    Some more mediocre league play this week, much of which was caused by machine screwage. For example, a ball is not supposed to be able to go fully into the scoop on X-Men (to the point where it is no longer visible) and then not only fail to allow me to choose a villain mode to start, but also...
  8. Sean DonCarlos

    That's So Weird, Mon!

    Regular readers of this blog know that the RBION on location at Third Rail Bar & Grill (where I play in league) is particularly evil and often confines even world-class players to seven-digit scores. Part of this is due to its blinding LED package; it's often hard to see what's going on...
  9. Sean DonCarlos

    We Need Quiet...............MISS IT!!!

    Got to try my hand at helping run a competitive pinball event (the 2013 Missouri Open at the Third Rail Bar and Grill) instead of playing in one yesterday. A long day, but thankfully I just had to deal with registration and scoring and bracketology (head-to-head matches in a double elimination...
  10. Sean DonCarlos

    Pinball Max Vert

    While I've still got a little ways to go to recover from my injury before I can rejoin my league, I've been informed by credible sources (i.e., the machine's owner) that there is a very rare prototype Banzai Run available for public play at the Third Rail Bar & Grill in Pacific, Missouri. He...
  11. warh0g

    Weight loss and Pinball gain

    The weight loss: So, after being over weight for quite a number of years I decided in may that it was time to actually do something about it. I joined a Swedish weight loss and excercise establishment called Itrim which focuses on fast weight loss in the beginning and then changing your...
  12. Sean DonCarlos

    Oh, the Horror of It All!

    Agony is draining on AC/DC with a 3X song jackpot worth 300 million points lit on the cannon. (For reference, the factory default replay score on AC/DC is 20 million.) Lyman, I know why you made the song jackpot reset each ball, and I agree it had to be done to keep the scoring under...
  13. Sean DonCarlos

    Third Rail to Nowhere

    Well, another league season in the can. Numerically, this did not turn out so well: 14th of 22. However, I'm actually more satisfied with my play than I was in my first two seasons. How can this be? There are 7 groups in our league. Win your group one week and you move up a group, lose and you...
  14. Sean DonCarlos


    That's the sound of me scoring 0 points in league last night, mostly due to Mystic not even letting me touch the ball, and Tommy and I continuing to have violent disagreements over what constitutes a mirror shot. On the other hand, my AC/DC and I are getting along just fine...345M so far.
  15. Sean DonCarlos

    Don't They Make a Great Couple?

    As promised, the pair of machines in my living room. Note the white DMD on Twilight Zone...I might not even convert to multicolor once ColorDMD releases the ROM for TZ; the white is just too perfect. And yes, the AC/DC's DMD is the standard red and not orange...I think my phone's red-eye...
  16. Sean DonCarlos

    Six-Pinball Machines

    No, not machines with 6 pinballs in them (Twilight Zone, Indiana Jones, ST:TNG, Tales from the Crypt, and probably a few others). I rate TPA table difficulty on a scale of 1 to 5 pinballs, and I sometimes compare real machines with that scale as well. Given that I've assigned the real TZ a...
  17. Sean DonCarlos

    For Those About to Rock, Part II

    Just a quick note to clear up a minor mystery in the AC/DC strategy thread, when I said testing was about to become easier. Yes, my TZ will soon have someone to talk to while I'm at work: a new-in-box AC/DC Premium! This will also give me something to play while the TZ is getting an electrical...
  18. Sean DonCarlos

    How Rude!

    Rudeness is what happens when you put up 47.8M on X-Men LE (a machine I do not care for but force myself to practice because it's one of the league games this season), thereby squeaking onto the high score list, and less than two hours later get knocked back off the same list by a visiting...
  19. Sean DonCarlos

    Ten (Real) Machines to Play Before You Die

    It occurred to me earlier today that for all the blogging and posting I've done, I've never really done a list of my favorite machines. That stunning omission is about to be corrected! The 10 machines below are kind of an eclectic mix, although heavy on the 90s Williams/Ballys, and I'm...
  20. Sean DonCarlos

    Parting the Sea of Simulation

    In making the morning rounds through the forum, I found a gem from a new member that deserves a little more meditation than an in-passing forum post: My first thought was the standard "well, of course the TPA tables won't play exactly like the real ones; there's too many subtleties in real-life...

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