1. gameaddict4life

    Let's share our usernames to compare scores in the new Pinball FX

    Since the leaderboards are cross platform we should be able to see everybody's scores. Feel free to add me as a friend on Xbox my gamertag is: Gameaddict8504 I will add you as well. We could also get some digital pinball fans tournaments started at some point. Probably after the first sale :) I...
  2. A

    Bug Friends scores not showing up on tablet?

    I just found out that it is now possible to add friends and compare scores with them (maybe it's possible a long time but I did not know how until I logged in on the website of TPA), so I added a friend to test it, and everything works on the website, but on my tablet when I chose friends in the...
  3. ER777

    2014 Real Pinball High Scores M-Z

    2014 High Score List Link: My High Score Pics on Pinside Table Name Balls Score Mars 3 349 K Maverick 3 745.8 M Medieval Madness 3 124.9 M Medusa 5 782 K Metallica (Pro) 3 135.6 M...
  4. ER777

    2014 Real Pinball High Scores A-L

    2014 High Score List Link: My High Score Pics on Pinside Table Name Balls Score AC/DC (Pro) 3 131.8 M AC/DC (Premium) 3 348.9 M Algar 3 476 K America's Most Haunted* 3 8.1 M Apollo 13 3 1751.8 M...
  5. G

    Tournament scores aren't posting for me last 24 hours. Anyone else?

    As the subject lines suggests, my scores aren't posting, both on my iPad I and iPad II. On Centaur I beat the high score (I had something like 22,000,000 plus) and it didn't post, even thought my screen said it was posted. And on Believe It Or Not I vastly improved my score and it didn't...
  6. ER777

    High Scores

    2013 Real Machine High Scores: AC/DC [PREM]........................ 14.6 M Attack From Mars (3-Ball)......... 3758.2 M Attack From Mars (4-Ball)........ 19315.9 M Avengers............................ 26.8 M Batman Dark Knight................. 194.0 M Batman Forever.................... 1231.4 M...
  7. B

    iOS - Bug Hints to play anyway

    Bug : since the last iOs update the game loose the scores and crashes Solutions : In the general game options deactivate Game Center update, scroll down the list of options and select "Restore saved datas" and choose "Remote" I hope that helps ! :rolleyes:
  8. A

    Bug Can't see friend scores

    I just installed Pinball Arcade for iOS (iPhone 4 running iOS 6), created a Pinball Arcade account and linked it with Facebook. My friends can see my scores but I cannot see theirs on FarSight Leaderboards. Is there anything I need to do other than making sure my Facebook friends are also logged...
  9. C

    360 - Bug X-Box keeps wiping out my scores!

    Frequently, X-Box wipes out my high scores (in the High Scores section and also on the Leaderboards. I'm interested to see if it's been happening to anyone else on X-Box. After the first time it happened, I've been keeping track of my high scores in my diary, so it doesn't affect me too much...

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