1. T

    Request PS4 / Camera view

    I both play ZP2 & TPA on my PS4, but I notice that I play ZP2 quite a bit more compared to the TPA ones (although I own all the tables from both games). They reason is mainly that on ZP2, wih certain views (like view 3) the camera tilts to the upper part of the table when the ball is there. This...
  2. keithmoon

    Tilt Logo Appears

    Hey folks! Playin' today i have a Tilt-Logo without nudging. Thanx
  3. weirdproq

    Android - Bug eight-ball holder graphic is tilted

    The eight-ball holder with the pool cue on top in CBW is tilted down to the left. This doesn't seem to affect gameplay but it's pretty noticeable.
  4. spoonman

    Bug Gorgar on 2.01 tilts WAY too easily!!

    I rarely ever tilt this table on PHOH or the arcade, but now I am tilting about 50% of the time. I have tilt set to the right analog stick and gently move it n a direction to nuge the table. I am making sure not to hold it after pressing either. I've even tried a bream new dual shock conroller...

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