Are the shots in this table particularly harder than others?


Oct 31, 2015
One thing I don't get about Junkyard is my inability to reliably hit shots. I can meander well enough in the game (not a superstar though), but in general, there are only one or two shots I can repeatedly hit effectively. It feels like the flippers and shots were established in unusual ways to make the shots harder or at least in positions that aren't as familiar in other tables.

I do like this game though, being quite a bit quirky.


Jan 30, 2013
I certainly think so, yes! We had a little discussion about it during one of the tournaments. ( )

I wondered if the tuning was so off on the real table as well, and it seems the opinions varied. Well, since then I have actually had a chance to play the real thing, and it was just soooo much easier and natural feeling than the pinball arcade version. Such a difference! Easily finished the wizard mode on my first game. Yes junkyard on pinball arcade has crappy tuning.


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Feb 14, 2013
The shots are very narrow on this table.

And this table tends to kill me HARD in real life.

So i think it's tuned about right.


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Jul 21, 2012
I think it feels a bit off, as does for example Starship Troopers. I feel like I have to shoot shots too early or too late to get reliable results. Junkyard is also very bouncy and floaty. But in this discussion it's always also about that two identical IRL tables can be tuned and setup so differently that they feel like complete strangers to each other. Even amount of wear and tear will greatly influence how the table "feels". I have a real LOTR that I bought in near-pristine condition. All new rubber, playfield protector etc. It's very hard because the ball goes wild with that fresh rubber and smooth playfield. I also sometimes play a LOTR at a friend of mine, also a nice machine but quite a bit "older" in terms of wear and tear. And I can get much better results scoring-wise. So I'm waiting for my LOTR to get a bit older :)

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