Cant Download Fireball after update

Flipper bump

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Jan 20, 2014
Hi guys i just got the update with the Fireball & the Eldorado table included but cant download them, i get an error message saying that i need to connect to the internet in order to download and/or purchase the table(s) Damn


May 19, 2012
There's some sort of bug. When I purchased the tables on my Mac, I was told the tables downloaded, but they never appeared in My Tables. So I quit the game and "repurchased" the tables. My Mac told me I already bought them and they would be installed for free. Then they appeared in my queue.

I'm so thrilled that Fireball has finally come to TPA! I've been waiting a long time. I wish the Mac version was graphically as good-looking as the PC, but I'll live with that for now.

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