Centaur strategies


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Apr 5, 2013
any tips for me for getting a good Centaur score?
anything more precise than 'shoot the flashing lights', or 'keep the ball in play a long time' or 'get jackpots'?


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Apr 11, 2012
Hit ORBS drop targets in order every time. That's pretty much my main strategy because that gets 2 balls going, which leads to more orbs. Then I start shooting for the queen's chamber during multiball.


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Mar 14, 2012
As much as I like going for the orbs shots (yes, in order), I've had much better success getting a high score by shooting nothing more than the queens chamber. Once all those drop targets are down, multiball with 3+ balls becomes so much easier to acquire, and frequently results in having all 5 going. When you do have all 5 going, don't worry about aiming, just keep the things alive until you drop back down to 3, and then to the best of your abilities, start aiming for the queens chamber some more.


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Feb 14, 2013
yeah the double queen's chamber is wayyyy too safe to shoot for in this recreation. I'd say because of the way the ball is guided to the captive ball, a good 80% of successful shots to it drain SDTM in real life. The ball just stops dead the other ball newtons back into it, and knocks it straight between the flippers.

In real life, you have to aim for it in multiball until you knock all the targets down. THEN it's safe to shoot for because it keeps releasing more balls.


May 10, 2013
This might just be me, but since I’ve concentrated on not hitting the orb targets, I’ve done better. I find that aiming at the high stuff works pretty well. Mostly, I aim for the top left entry to the rollovers and light those guys as many times as I can. I aim for that target behind the green light to the right of the drop targets (I don’t know what that does; I hope you get points for it!) I aim for the right lane opposite the queen’s chamber whenever there’s a light on in there. When the ball is dropping from the high spots it seems most often to fall down onto the flippers. I let it bounce across, capture it, and aim for the top again.

As the game goes on I suffer from moments of bravery and I take a shot at the Queen’s chamber; hit or miss I try to get the ball under control again and carry on until I have another brave moment. Don’t be shamed by the mocking “Only single value” or whatever it is he says. That’s pure crapola! Pretend you’re Beaver Cleaver and he’s Larry Mondello trying to talk you into doing something stupid. I’m happy with single value, thanks.

Of course you have to hit those drop targets to get orbs, so my plan is horribly flawed. But because of missed shots and uneven play, I usually have an orb or two accidentally collected by the time I crack the Queen’s chamber. When the orbs are raining down, then I aim for the drop targets until I’m down to one ball and I return to my conservative routine punctuated by the occasional courageous flick of the flipper.

My highest score is 9,500,000-ish. I manage about 3 to 5 mil when I have a good game, which isn’t spectacular but it’s a two or three multi-ball session, and a comfortably happy 10, 15, 20 minutes for me.


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Feb 20, 2012
This might just be me, but since I’ve concentrated on not hitting the orb targets, I’ve done better.

This is kinda my strategy for Firepower as well. Ever since I started avoiding the main targets, my score shot up like crazy. Sounds counter-intuitive, but then again, those main targets are meant to fool you into hitting them anyway.


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Dec 14, 2013
get good at hitting the chamber and the top right release. hitting drop targets is easy, so when you get one or two balls locked you can release them with ease, plus the chamber gets you a nice extra ball pretty quickly; and it doesnt matter what order to hit the targets in, completing them locks a ball. during multiball go for the drop targets and chamber, that way you score points wile keeping balls continuously flowing on to the table. its best to play flow on this table imo and learn how to hit everything on-the-fly. it takes practice, but i love this table and it is totally worth it in the end bc its 100X funner and 100X more intense playing flow, imo.
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