confession BOP


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Jun 20, 2012
Well as dedicated to this video flipper Pinball Arcade as I am and have been . I do have one thing to confess. I've never completed a Wizard Goals set until tonight . :confused: Yes , I can only attribute the recent tournament grinding away on classic PIN*BOT ( I had scored #17 last Sunday on the Vita in the Bronze tier) , so tonight went back to Bride Of PinBot , which now seems easier compared to it's predecessor. I read up on the Billion Shot Wizard goal , and decided to go for it. Well the last few updates to the basic tables has really improved things on the old SS tables (even Black Knight) they are easier to control , and I got my last Wizard Goal . The odd thing is I got it without the trophy for standard goals being done ! :confused:

So , Im feeling like Im getting better at this game , maybe I can get a better place into the next tourney .