ETA on Pistol Poker getting it's own PSN store page?

Oct 15, 2013
I thought I saw on here that in Europe the Pistol Poker table has it's own store page. Just wondering when NA is going to get it? I've downloaded all the tables individually as DLC off the store to make sure they're tied to my PS account, just missing this one. Thanks!


Mar 21, 2014
Pistol Poker is showing in the USA PSN. However, even though I have the pro version of the table with pro pass, the 3 versions showing in the store (standard, pro, pro upgrade) all have a price attached to them and don't show as free.
I actually attempted to add them to my cart to see if they would show as free that way......nope.

Not complaining, just giving a heads up.


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Jul 12, 2013
pretty sure it is not working on any platform...
needs to be fixed so we can see those wizard goals

On my steam version(DX11) they started me out on Wizard goals, never even got to go through the Standard ones. :( Also, didn't get credit for completing the standard goals for achievement. :(
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