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Richard B

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Apr 7, 2012
Many wonder why this table rates so high in the rankings. After playing this again today (on a different machine), it's evident that if the real table played like the TPA version did, it's unlikely it would break the top 100. Like a bad translation of a foreign text, this table is a poor reflection of the IRL version.
The Heart Beat, Shuttle, and every other high points shot are supposed to be difficult to make, and risky. Building the Bride a single time is almost as hard as reaching a Wizard Mode on lots of other machines, and the Billion Point Shot is not easy, since failed Heart Beat Ramp shots often go SDTM, or out of control.
Completing the Bride and hitting the BPS so easily that it can be done over a dozen times a game makes what should be a hard-won victory into a ho-hum business as usual.
Everyone knows how much I hate FS intentionally making things easier, but while some tables, such as TOM or RBION, still play somewhat like their real-life counterparts, this one completely changes the dynamics of the table, and makes it into something it was not intended to be. If machines could sue, this would have a good case of defamation of character.


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Feb 25, 2012
I'd had some weak shots to the heart ramp go SDTM, and I've had balls head right for the outlanes too. I've never played the real machine unfortunately, but there's risk built into the TPA version, I feel. Or I'm just not good enough, maybe. :cool:


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May 31, 2012
I played a real one on Thursday night. The right outlane was actually more forgiving than the TPA iOS version in my opinion. But like you said, way more SDTM drains. Got the both eyes, but not much more. The ramps are much tougher to hit consistently.


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Feb 2, 2013
I owned a well maintained version of this table between 2008-2010 and I gotta say, the FS version is WAY easier to get big scores on. I had mine set to 5 ball play and could rarely ever get to Metamorphosis stage (4th face) let alone spinning the big wheel & achieving 1 Billion in score.

The FS version, makes it so easy to get the shuttle ramp where the real table has very unforgiving out-lanes & SDTM.
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Sep 28, 2012
I'm curious -- is this table emulated or scripted? I would think it's emulated since it's a system 11, but I was playing last night and there were some issues with the HUD going blank, particularly when spinning the big wheel and making the billion point shot. Could just be a bug...

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