FX3 Williams Thoughts


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Aug 12, 2012
Here's the weird thing about Black Rose. It's the 3rd time the game has been digitized, and we've been better off with TPA before FX3 came along.


I've already spotted quite a few interesting specifically with Williams Pinball Classics.

No ROM emulation is one, probably due to limitations (and I'm pretty sure it was possible, given Addams Family on N64/PC). Expect a whole lot of inconsistencies with the game, like the Ship Sunk theme playing on the 3rd ball.

There's no wire on the left inlane. That outlane is wide open, and I'm pretty sure Farsight's missing inlane wire on Gorgar is purely cosmetic.

Custom music and callouts. Really?

The physical cannon was pretty neat, though. Zen offers something very similar, but more true to life.

...and I thought Pinball Arcade had plenty of issues. I'm pretty sure Williams Pinball Classics has become WAY outdated, more so than TPA.

EDIT: This will eventually apply to Tales of the Arabian Nights and Creature From the Black Lagoon as well. Lost World....may not be so worthy.

EDIT 2: While we're at it...Getaway for the Game Boy.

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Feb 29, 2012
Dreams and wishes do come true !!

Now if they could just snatch Stern.

Stern has to be looking at Zen's Williams tables right now the same way that guy is looking back at that other woman while holding his girlfriend's hand in that popular internet meme. Usually I'd say that competition is good, but Zen has done such a clearly better job so far that I'd love for them to just secure all of the manufacturer rights.


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Oct 5, 2017
Shift up and down a couple of times during 3 car Donut Heaven and then hope it doesn't mess up your game because it's glitchy as hell.


Aug 8, 2018
Could be shift up and down, or down and up but if you do it an extra time it will be a moot point anyway. Also, in FX3 there always seems to be 3 police cars at Donut Heaven, not sure if this is the case on the physical table.

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