Help! Cliffhanger Loops Wizard Goal


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Mar 31, 2012
While I have seen people discussing the wizard goals for Dr. Who around here (particularly the 300M Davros Jackpot), I haven't really seen anyone talking about the 50 Cliffhanger Loops wizard goal, which I think is even harder. I think the highest I got was 20 something.

Does anybody have any tips for this one?

Edit: okay, got it! Tips for someone else seeing help for this one: Go for extra balls when convenient. If the ball go to the left flipper, instead of passing it to the right, shoot the ramp to get the letter W. When you pass to the upper left flipper and then the cliffhanger ramp, it will spell WHO, which occasionally lights extra ball at the inlanes/outlines. Also, you will occasionally activate video mode as you miss your shots. The third round has an extra ball at the end, so play the first three rounds.

Other than that, keep at it until you get into the zone and are hitting the cliffhanger ramp more consistently.
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May 26, 2017
I just bought Dr. Who. The Cliffhanger ramp doesn't feel right to me; I played this one a lot in IRL. You could hit 6-8 loops fairly easily once you get the timing down. It's like the ramp plays smaller than it actually is.

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